Friday, July 29, 2011

receipe for a happy weekend

Two slices of lazy morning

three cups of laundry

a spoonful of exercise

a sprinkle of wine mixed with friends

coat with some shopping

garnish with fresh flowers

and serve with a good book.

Yay its Friday, Fridays are the sweetest day of the working week, everything is a little slower and more relaxed and everyone is happily awaiting the weekend. Working fulltime makes me appreciate the weekends so much - I love having time to myself and already dream of only working four days a week. I made this little compilation as inspiration for my weekend, hopefully you can find some inspiration too. Have a wonderful weekend, have lots of fun.


  1. This is such a cute inspiring post! This sounds like the best recipe :)

    Love, vanilla

  2. I think this would be one of the best weekends. I'm also starting to appreciate weekends much more now because of nearly full time work. Though the laundry I try doing at night haa. I don't want to do it on weekends if I can help it :) Have a beautiful one. x

  3. I like your recipe for your weekend. Mines snouts the same minus the shopping replace with a cup of cleaning. Your recipe sound much tastier though. :)

  4. couldn't agree more! what beautiful photos! enjoy your weekend, sunshine!

    autumn jordan

  5. What a fabulous post filled with gorgeous images. Thanks, Megan! That sounds like the recipe for the most perfect weekend to me! {except for the laundry, I've got far too much of it!}

  6. I think you're onto some3thing! Loving these photos :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love this! Sounds like the perfect weekend for sure :)

  8. Love that laundry picture! Reminds me of a fresh summers day x

  9. Ooh I love these photos! Fridays are the best, especially Friday nights when work is over :)

    My washing got rained on. Sad face! But it's so nice having fresh, outside-dried clothes after having them inside all winter!

  10. This sounds like my recipe for a happy weekend, too! I need all the inspiration I can get cause I just got home from Cabo yesterday and I'm having the post-vacation blues!

  11. Lol this actually sounds like the perfect weekend, although I'd probably bypass the laundry part :P

    L x

  12. such a great post! makes me ready for the weekend again :)


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