Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just the facts

Lately there have been a few new readers of this blog which makes me happy as I love to meet new people. I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself  and I would love if you shared some fun things about yourself too,even if you have been reading for awhile its always fun to learn something new. 

★ I am not very good at sports but extremely competitive about board games, I am surprised I still get invited to game nights.

★My dirty secret is that I LOVE reality tv shows, I cant get enough - real housewives, pregnant in heels, bethany in real life, teen mom - you name it I have probably seen it. 

★I have had the design for my tattoo picked out for nearly two years but am to scared to make the appointment.

★ My two biggest indulgences in life are coffee and wine. Starting the morning with a fresh smelling coffee and ending the day with a yummy dinner and nice glass of red wine equals a good day.

★ I am allergic to cats and unfortunately the list seems to be growing to the point that I am now allergic to my own guinea pig. It makes me sad as I love having pets.

★I have never seen the whole of Beauty and the Beast as I use to get scared towards the end and turn it off.

★ I am a book worm; I always have a book in my handbag sometimes even two.

★ I live to travel, packing my suitcase and heading on an adventure makes me happiest. Whether its overseas or a couple of hours down the road I love exploring new environments.

Now over to you, what is a fact I should know about you? 


  1. Hehe, I just posted 'facts about me' on my blog today! There must be something in the air~

    I love reality shows too. My favourites at the moment are Teen Mom, Toddlers & Tiaras, and Dance Moms. I can't stand Australian reality tv though!

  2. ahhh i love all your facts!! hope you get your tattoo one day :) and i love adventures and books too.
    hehe random fact about me...
    i was in a bollywood film when travelling in india! xx

  3. I love this! Such a cute idea... may try it myself on my new blog :)

  4. Coffee and red wine, YES.
    I really like posts like this, they kind of introduce you to the blogger :)

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment, come back again :D
    Such a good post idea!

    I am addicted to LUSH, the amount of stuff i own is stupid. I have problems! I love mexican food, i think i had like 5 times last week -.- And i hate reality shows say i won't watch and do!
    Lucy x

  6. you should totally take the plunge and get the tattoo!
    And coffee and wine totally make my world go round too!

  7. I also always carry a book around :D i'm currently reading sweet little lies from lauren conrad x

  8. I love facts like this :) Beauty and the Beast is the first movie I saw in theaters when I was little! xo

  9. What a sweet idea! I love reading these and learning more about you. Here are a few about me: I've been a vegetarian for 15 years, I've been teaching in prisons for ten years, I wear big, loud earrings every day, and I can't get enough of Jersey Shore. ;)

  10. See I always have to fast forward parts in the Lion King because that makes me cry! Especially when Simba's dad cries. I always have a book in my bag too - you never know when you might find the time to read a quick page or ten

  11. I really love learning more about you :) Oh sweet girl you MUST finish Beauty and Beast! It is the sweetest cartoon ever :) I think it's adorable you get scared though :) I wish I was more of a wine drinker. You should have seen me in Napa Valley - I was so clueless it was sad! haha I also love to travel and try to every chance I get!

  12. I love random stuff! :)
    And this kind of randomness suits it.

    Nice one ;)

  13. Great list... hmmm, a fact about me: chopping vegetables calms me down. strange, I know...

  14. Ohhh maybe we should have a board game night when we meet :) I would love to see your how competitive you get.

    Plus I love your pleated skirt in the other post. You are looking so stylish! I wish I was taller and could wear maxis. I saw a cute maxi skirt in Forever New and wanted it so much but it was way too long for me. x

  15. Oh gosh no, I would be devastated if I became allergic to my pets!!!

    I also have a secret addition to reality tv *hangs head in shame*

  16. Great facts hun.

    As for me, like you I love reality shows. (did you see big brother last night?!)

    I have far too many shoes, it's really not healthy.

    Beauty and the beats makes me cry.

    I am still scared of the man in the wardrobe! (No I don't keep a random man in the wardrobe, it was a very vivid dream as a child and I still make sure the doors and closed tight)

    How strange am I!

    X x

  17. I love to travel too and it's a shame you can't keep pets. I love animals also.

  18. Love posts like these Megan! I haven't played a good board game in ages - might have to add that to the to-do list before this babe arrives!

    Hope your weekend is fabulous xx

  19. Coffee and wine - you sound like my kind of girl!

    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself - it was fun to read!

  20. Sucks to be allergic to cats but luckily the internet is loaded with kitty cat pictures :D

    Come join my wonderful Shabby Apple giveaway :D

  21. We could totally live together no problems. I'm allergic to cats too (all animals, except scaly ones actually), and I love reality TV too!

    x Jasmine

  22. i am sooo not athletic but i am very competitive when it comes to board games too! haha. ;)

    i love beauty and the beast although it always makes me cry!

    <3, Mimi

  23. Interesting! :) You can see MY fun facts here:


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