Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tips for travelling with friends

Travelling with friends is often a really wonderful experience. Getting to leave the normal parameters of your relationship and experience new things together can be both rewarding as an individual but can also strengthen your friendship. I have been really fortunate to get to go on lots of holidays with friends and have pulled together a few little tips you may find handy to make sure you make the most of your time away together.

♥ Don’t have unrealistic expectations – if your friend doesn’t like going out and partying to all hours of the night at home it is unlikely she will be like that on holiday. This can be really handy to keep in mind when planning activities for your trip and knowing what you will both enjoy doing.

 ♥ Read emotions – if you’re travelling together for a long period of time you’re probably going to experience your friend’s whole emotional ambit. Be receptive of this and act accordingly. It can make the trip go much smoother and you are likely to receive the same courtesy in return.

 ♥ It’s ok to do things apart – even though you’re travelling together it can be nice to spend some time by yourself and soak up your destination. This is especially handy if you want to do different things and don’t have time to fit them all in together.

 ♥ Keep track of finances – it’s sad to say but fights can happen over money. I have not experienced it personally but have been witness to a heated, very public, facebook exchange. For my trip to America my friends and I have had to pay for a lot of different things but we have managed to keep track of who pays for what so that it all works out evenly. Doing this from the start can reduce any problems later.

The most important thing is to have fun and be flexible. Do you have any tips for travelling with friends? Or any horror stories that you have learnt from? I would love you to leave them in the comments so we can all share our experiences.
Speaking of friends I am off to New Castle tomorrow to visit my bestie so I will wish you a splendid weekend now 


  1. Wishing you safe travels and a splendid weekend yourself lady! xx

  2. This is such a cute post and so needed! I haven't done much traveling with friends, as I usually do all my traveling home to see my family.

    The few times I have travelled with friends have all resulted in totally awkward moments, usually involving money! My tip would be to learn to appreciate that different friends have different ways of dealing with money. Learn which friends have a 'I buy you lunch and next time you can treat when you've got money' attitude and which friends will whip out their calculator to add up every penny spent by them and not pay a penny more, leaving you to sort out the tip..

    Just make sure you don't confuse the two.. you could end up offending both parties!

  3. Hah, I totally agree with Boscy - figuring out how friends deal with money is really important only so you can deal with it in a way that works for them!

  4. I haven't yet travelled with friends yet, hopefully we do! At camps it was always so much drama, hopefully it'll be different.
    Lucy x

  5. Great tips. It's so easy sometimes to get aggravated at ppl you travel with for a long time~!

  6. have a lovely weekend!
    i have been lucky enough to have great travel experiences with all my friends.

  7. Awesome tips. I don't travel much but, i do plan to one day! So these tips will come in handy! Thanks!
    Have a great weekend!

    In our sea of love

  8. These are very practical and insightful tips. I have travelled a little with friends before and had a great time. We seemed to have similar expectations and I suppose we didn't let the small things get to us. great suggestions!

  9. I really agree with all of this! What I like to do for trips is move all the money I plan to spend plus an extra $100 just in case into one account and use only that cash card the entire time. Then I check the balance at the end of the day on my phone. I am a budget stickler so I'm good about not overspending. Also, I think it's wise to pay for public transportation ahead of time or set aside cash for a cab so you're not having to use the ATM all the time.

  10. Definitely agree with the "some time apart" thing... My real issue is just getting to that point where you have been together FAR TOO MUCH during a long trip. It's nice to have your own space for just a little bit sometimes.

  11. So excited for your trip to the US! I think the biggest thing in travel is just being flexible. Sometimes I get it in my head that I want things to go a certain way, and then I get all bent out of shape if it doesn't happen. Learning to relax, take it easy, & go with the flow is crucial for me. :)

  12. I can hardly wait to go on a girl trip with my friends soon :). I've been wanting to do this sometime now but I've been a bit nervous, thinking I wouldn't bring enough money or something like that. Thank you for sharing these tips! They are very thoughtful and very very very helpful!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  13. I wish my friends liked to travel more. Seems like all of them are getting married and having babies so they don't want to/can't travel. I do take vacations by myself if I really want to go somewhere though. No sense in missing out!

    Great tips!


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