Monday, September 12, 2011

Beauty Box & give away winner

I have been waiting with baited breath for make up sample boxes to hit Australia and yesterday I received my first one from Beauty Box. I am not a make up expert at all but I thought I would share the first one in case there were people thinking of signing up and wanting a little more info. My make up routine is very simple and I am quite loyal to products that I know work for me so I signed up to this as a treat once a month and to try and shake things up a little.

Beauty box is $15 per month and you receive between 4 to 5 samples. This box included:
YSL: Beauty Sleep
- Marc Jacobs: Oh! Lola! (three little sample bottles were included)
- Sally Hansen: nail file
- Playboy Spicy Body Spray 
- Shu Uemura: Cleansing Oil.
Unsurprisingly the perfume is just lovely. I am planning on using the little sample sizes for travel and would definitely consider buying the regular size. The body spray smells nice as well and is a brand I wouldn't usually think about buying. I probably wont buy it again as I am not really a body spray person, I usually stick with deodorant and perfume. But if you do like body spray I wouldn't pass by this one.

I put the night cream on after my shower and the fragrance was a little overpowering for my likings and the consistency was a little watery. There was really only enough in the bottle for one use so not sure if I will be able to squeeze enough out for another try.

The stand out in this box was the cleansing oil, it was the most delightful product I have ever put on my skin. It smells delicious and is so soft and smooth. My skin felt lovely after using it and I am looking forward to using it again tomorrow. It retails for $105 for 450mls which is way more than I would usually spend on a cleanser but depending on how my skin is after the sample is gone I would consider buying it.

I won't be using the nail file, as filing my nails makes my skin crawl, does anyone else get that?

PhotobucketThere has been a little controversy over the card that came with the box saying that you must review the product to ensure continued membership. I personally think the review is a great idea, but making it mandatory to continue receiving the box is a little excessive when were paying to receive the product.

Apart from that I am really happy with the box and looking forward to receiving it again next month.

Have you signed up for anything like this? What are your thoughts?

By the way the winner of the giveaway was lucky number 9, Micaela!!! Congrats lady! Thanks so much to everyone who entered.


  1. I've seen another blogger get one of these as well. I've never heard of it. Looks pretty interesting.

  2. This is a cool idea, I've never heard of it before. Sweet little monthly present for ones self me thinks! hehe


  3. Ooh I'm happy you posted what you posted what you recieved in your beauty box. Such an awesome idea!
    You got some pretty sweet sounding goodies.

  4. Looks like you scored some pretty awesome items! :)

  5. YAY!!! Congrats to my girl Micaela!!!

    Not sure how I feel about a mandatory product review. I like the idea of a surprise box of makeup goodies, though, that's for sure!!

  6. Congratulations to Micaela! I haven't heard about these kinds of boxes but it certainly sounds like a good idea. I would be interested to smell the Marc Jacobs perfume as I am a big fan but find it hard to not just stick to my firm favourite 'Daisy'!
    Happy Monday xx

  7. first... My mouth literally dropped when I saw my name as the lucky winner!!! EEEK! SO EXCITED!!!! i can't wait to show it off on my blog and in life ;) I have been under a cloud of sorts and this... YOU! you just made my day!!! thank-you gods of picking lucky numbers! ;) Aw, Megan, THANKS SO MUCH for the chance!!! <3

    i think having to do a MANDATORY review is bullocks, especially when you're right-- you're paying for it but can i say i loved reading your review here? because i was curious about the playboy body spray (from the description of spicy alone) and now i know your thoughts on it. :)

    April gets a monthly box from Birch and has been telling me to do it. $10 a month doesn't seem so bad of a deal for what she's been getting.. perhaps i should try it out! :)


  8. Filing my nails makes my skin crawl as well. It's like scratching a blackboard. Eek.

    Mandatory feedback seems gnarly at best.

  9. I got an excited call today while I was at work from my twinkie :) Micaela was SOOO excited and couldn't wait to tell me she won your lovely giveaway! :) yay! :) thanks for bringing her some sunshine! :)

    I loved reading your review! That cleansing oil sounds amazing! And I suppose it better be for retailing at $105 :) It's so exciting trying new products!

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  11. I love the idea of a Beauty Box arriving at my house! But I'm allergic to so many creams etc, it wouldn't be worth it for me.

    It's a bit dodgy that you have to review every time, especially considering you're paying for it!

    x Jasmine

  12. I haven't! Is this available in the states? I would love to sign up to it or something like it. Anyone??? Send your answers to my bloggg pleaseeee <33333 I will be so grateful! haha <3 PS - I love the name of your bog :)

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