Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little life update

Candy stripes // vintage earrings from my nan // summer fruits // the Christmas cottage
current read // smoothies // my ball dress // ball photos

watermelon ice cream // new swimmers // lazy hair // mini cupcakes

Reading... Fallen by Lauren Kate (loving it!!)
Watching... Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 2
Talking... to my cousin in Scotland on Facebook
Thinking... that tomorrow is way to early for our work Christmas party
Wishing... that Brendan was home tonight :-( (literally two minutes after posting this Brendan came home unexpectedly, wishes come true people haha)
Buying... nothing at the moment but expect my first modcloth purchase to occur in the next 48 hours
Happy... that I got offered a permanent transfer from the job I hated to the job I love.
Planning... for Christmas and New Years
Wearing... pyjamas and a black dressing gown
Picturing... the sun shining and it actually feeling like Spring! It has been freezing here lately and we are only a few weeks from Summer.
Tweeting... about how I never buy magazines any more. Since I have started reading blogs I haven't felt the need to buy them but am planning on buying one this weekend as a treat.


  1. I've been wondering whether to try reading 'Fallen' - you've made up my mind :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. summer fruits! YUMM.. ugh I am jealous of the summery weather in Australia. We are entering winter here in the states! Boo :(
    Do students get a "summer break" in Australia like they do in the states?


  3. I've been the same way about magazines lately! But mostly because none of the covers have made me want to buy them. However, the other day I bought one and it made me smile :) Magazines are fun!

  4. Oh, I love that dress! Suits you VERY well!

    Also, now I'm craving that watermelon ice cream. And that mini cupcake. And a smoothie. Well, thankyouverymuch... ;-)

    Have a happy weekend, it's almost here. XO.

  5. what a darling blue dress & earrings!
    xo anna

  6. I've stopped enjoying fashion magazines. Blogs are good for real fashion with some grit.

  7. What a cute swim suit! I love the cut & the flowers. So funny that it's almost summer where you are & it's finally getting cold here. I'm wearing leggings & an oversized sweater today!

  8. Ah I have been thinking about reading Fallen too.. But dunnow.. I never get to it xD

    I like this post btw :D

    Cotton Candy

  9. Mm, summer fruits! I've already eaten my own body weight in mangoes :9 I can't wait for cherries and grapes to be a bit cheaper at the markets.

    Those earrings are so pretty!

  10. Love this post! All those things sound great!

  11. Really cute post :) the cupcake look really good and your lazy hair is SO cute :)

    Love, Vanilla

  12. such a cute update!! mmm loving all the food in this post!


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