Friday, November 18, 2011

Little thrifting tips

I haven’t always enjoyed op-shopping it has taken a long time to develop the “skill”. I use to walk into op-shops, be completely overwhelmed and walk out again. However perseverance and a desire to grow my vintage dress collection as inexpensively as possible has helped me learn the ropes. I thought I would share a few tips I have learnt over the last six months.

1.       Go with a plan! What are you looking for? Dresses, shoes, furniture? I usually go with a list of what I am looking for and concentrate on those areas of the store to avoid being overwhelmed by everything. I than generally have a quick browse of the other areas just in case something catches my eye.
2.       Try things on. I have picked up so many dresses and thought that they wouldn’t fit or that they just weren’t right and then tried it on to be pleasantly surprised. Very rarely can I put on a piece of vintage clothing and have it fit perfectly. Try and visualise the piece with a shortened hemline or with the sleeves removed. Lots of my favourite dresses needed a little tweaking so don’t disregard something straight away if it’s not perfect.
3.       More often than not I will go op-shopping and come home empty handed which can be a little disheartening. However that is the thrill of op-shopping your trying to find something that is one of a kind so you won’t always be successful. Visit your favourite shops often and don’t limit yourself to one place – test out all the shops in your area and find the gems.
4.    Track down garage sales, estate sales, church fetes etc you never know what you might find at one of these events, think of it as a big old treasure hunt!

What are some of your op-shopping/thrifting tips?


  1. Thanks for sharing this. it will be useful on my upcoming hunt for dresses to wear these holidays!

  2. These are great tips Megan. I get so overwhelmed so I usually don't even bother. I would like to get some pretty dresses but I need a shopping buddy :)

  3. I'm always telling Micaela that I wish I had her luck and skill at thrifting. I, too, get overwhelmed and therefore usually avoid them altogether. You're right, though, that there are treasures to be found, so I should take these tips and try again. :)

  4. These are great tips! I usually get a bit overwhelmed when shopping for vintage but I do keep trying :)

    Love, Vanilla

  5. Great tips! I am always a little intimidated by op shops but I think I should go have a look again!

  6. I just want to rummage thru that rack .I love finding vintage its such a buzz

  7. Nice tips! I think the most important thing to do when it comes to thrifting is to go with an open mind!

  8. love the idea of this, the fact that you're not gonna be wearing something that loads of other people are wearing makes it even more appealing x

  9. I set a budget for myself for sure, because I'm huge on antique furniture and knick knacks and would probably buy everything if I didn't set a budget.

    I've always wanted to try looking at the clothes, but since there's not much of an order at thrift shops, my mind goes crazy and I don't bother. Maybe one day! :P

  10. I think my biggest vintage clothes shopping woe is that I always think things won't fit, so I never bother to try them on. I need to be more optimistic!

    x Jasmine

  11. True! They can be overwhelming. I live in a pretty small town and there are usually slim pickings. I think you nailed my 2 key things: don't judge something on the rack - you probably need to try it on AND you may not find something you like every time.

    I went from late June til early October without buying any clothing except at thrift stores. Then I caved and bought underwear and one tank top that comes up higher than my others (because I needed it to go under some tops in order to look professional while teaching). All in all not bad! I'll be interested to see your journey too!


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