Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals and resolutions for 2012

I know there are lots of resolution/goal posts out there at the moment but I cannot resist adding my own as well. I love setting goals, even if I don't reach them every time it always motivates me to at least try. So for 2012 I want to...

Cook more
I really love eating good food and I want to be able to make more things myself and get a little more creative. I am aiming to try a new receipe every week and to document my progress on my blog. If you have any recommendations for cooking blogs I would love to hear them.

Read more
In 2011 I didn't read half as much as what I usually do. I spend about 40 minutes on a bus each day so I really have no excuse. I am aiming to read 26 books this year, which is one a fortnight, completely doable. 

Be kind to my body (thanks Jasmine)
I am not going to make goals about losing weight or getting fit, I do it every year. Instead I will commit to exercising regularly and eating as healthy as possible but I have learnt long ago that I can not give up my choccy and wine.

Spend more time with Brendan
Brendan and I have been together for five years in February and I will admit it can be easy to fall into a rut sometimes. We are both busy with work and social

Stick to a budget
I was pretty reckless with money in 2011 as it was my first year with a regular income after being a poor uni student for five years. This year I want to work on saving some money away and just being more sensible with my money in general.

Live in the moment
Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about the future and forget to just live in the moment, enjoy what is actually happening. I want to try and enjoy each day for what it is and put everything into whatever I happen to be doing at a given moment.

Little Goals 
Get my tattoo (finally) // learn to sew // redecorate our bedroom // go on a holiday with my sister and her bf //  keep our house tidy//

What are your goals/resolutions for 2012?


  1. I like these list! I want to read more and sew too. Quitting my job is my biggest goal. x

    Ps your shop your closet button isn't working it has double http://

  2. Love your goals! I wish you the absolute best with acheiving them this year! Sounds like you have the right approach!! I've posted all mine so far as well, got to put them out into the universe! Here's to an amazing 2012!


  3. Live in the moment is definately a good one! Sometimes I tend to make plans & focus on what i'm going to do rather than simply enjoying right now. I've made a few goals for 2012 too :)

  4. Love your list - I use to spend around one and half to two hours on a bus a day and got to read sooo much by reading there and back. Once you have a book in your bag you'll start reading it at lunch too!

    All the best for the new year x

  5. I love the live in the moment goal. I often forget to do this myself!

  6. These sound like very doable goals :) I want to travel more and save some money this year :)

    Love, Vanilla

  7. I love the attitude you have towards "being kind to your body". I lost 10 kilos last year and I found obsessing about bad and good foods doesn't help at all.. but rather eating as best I could and exercise was definitely key! :)

  8. Love these goals! They are similar to some of mine, especially with being kind to your body. Eating right and exercising just makes me feel so much better!

    Good luck with your resolutions :)

  9. Good luck with your goals! I got a slow cooker for christmas and I find that it makes cooking healthy meals much easier. Love your read more aim too.. i dont know what id do without books, as geeky as that is x

  10. I really love reading people's goals and resolutions. I have a post coming out on mine as well! I'm with you on the reading one. That's one of my goals this year. Also, to be "kind" to my body. I, like you, have made goals every year to work out, be fit etc... and it doesn't happen. So I'm just going to take baby steps to be health conscious. Better than nothing right?

    hope you had a great new year!

  11. wishing you luck while you achieve all these goals!

    i wanna her more about the tattoo!


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