Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little life updates

♥ salmon dinner // friends birthdays// modcloth dress // flowers from Brendan 
♥ my Saturday morning breakfasts // clean jewelery box // weekend lunches // haircut 

Reading... 'The Sinkings' Amanda Curtain
Watching... Gossip Girl Season 4 and The New Girl
Talking... to my old house mate who moved to Melbourne
Thinking... that I need to keep in better contact with my friends who live far away.
Buying... really cute jumpers from Jay Jays. I haven't been in that store for years but it has really nice stuff at the moment, check it out.
Planning... my sister's 21st Birthday party
Wearing...by black maxi and polka dot shirt
Picturing... being down the coast in two weeks, I hope this rain stops by then. It is forecast to rain the next 34 of 28 days :-(
Tweeting... most likely about food, books or clothes, I need to get some more interests.

I think I want to start doing these posts once a month but I am the worst at keeping to a schedule so wont make any promises. What has been happening in your world?


  1. Your dinner looks so good and your ring collection is gorgeous!

  2. Loving the new hair cut. The fringe is new? Really suits you.

  3. I love these little update posts. They're fun to read! I've never seen Gossip Girl, but I know I'd love it. Gotta put that on my list! And if you ask me, food, books, and clothes are perfectly fine interests. :)

  4. I love life updates. I have to do mine soon soon. I see the little owl earrings I gave you :)

    I will have to check out JayJays. It sounds like they are getting better.

  5. Oh my I am so envious of your rings! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  6. Oh the food looks so good. And I love GossipGirl, I'm just finishing up season 3 and can't wait to start the fourth season!!! :D

  7. I love that ModCloth dress! And your new haircut looks so cute!

    In my world lately I have been reading the 'Game of Thrones' books, enjoying yoga and planning to start hydrotherapy classes, and having fun working in our study again, instead of sitting slumped over on the couch :)

  8. Your jewellery draw is very cute! I need to get back in to gossip girl I stopped watching before the season 3 finale and never got back into it. x

  9. I love your fringe, it's so cute!

    x Jasmine

  10. Cute post, loving your rings!! x


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