Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little too sheer...



skirt: asos // shoes: barkins // belt: forever new // top: myer // blazer: dotti 

I have been searching for a navy skirt and found this one on ASOS. I waited for ages for it to go on sale and it just wasn't going to happen so I bit the bullet and bought it two weeks ago. I was so excited when it arrived and snapped these photos the following morning. I threw the tripod in my room and was running out the door when Brendan yelled out "You do realise that skirt is see through don't you?" This lead to me standing under three different lights to confirm that it was in fact see through. Insert immense disappointment here and annoyance for than missing the bus while I got changed. But at the same time being happy I have an honest boyfriend who doesn't let me flash my underwear to half of Canberra.
I decided to still post these photos as you can't tell its see through in them and I was pretty happy with this outfit at the time. Now I have to decide whether to send it back or buy a slip for underneath....


  1. Lucky for you he spotted it before you went outside! I'd say get a slip or half slip from an oppose because it's gorgeous! xx

  2. Love this skirt! shame about it's sheerness... but you could always wear a slip underneath :)

    Love, Rachel

  3. You could always wear it with some thick tights/leggings underneath in the colder weather too :) It's such a pretty colour!

    I had a similar faux-pas when I wore a dress to work which I -thought- had an okay hemline... My co-worker looked at me and said 'why are you wearing a mini skirt?'. I spent the whole day tugging it down and trying not to bend over, haha. Times like that I miss having a full length mirror!

  4. It's such a gorgeous skirt and I can see why you bought it. Maybe get a slip? Because it's so pretty. It would be a shame to send it back (unless you really don't want a see-through skirt).

  5. i say get a slip! it's stunning!!

  6. get a slip! I just had the same problem with a pleated mustard yellow skirt I found so I'm on the look out for a slip too.

  7. Definitely buy a slip - that skirt and this whole outfit is adorable!!

    x Jasmine

  8. A really nice skirt, love the dark blue colour!


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