Monday, May 21, 2012

Acquired V5



 boots: mathers // heart ballet flats: asos // sunnies: vintage // shirt and collar tips: asos // scarves: katies 

A few little things I have bought lately, I really dont need anything but have been grabbing a few little bits and pieces when I really like something. Buying three of the same scarf in  different colours was probably a little over the top but they were on sale for $5 each. 

I am going to try and save over the next couple of weeks as I really want to buy a DSLR. At the moment I am thinking a Canon 550D, do you guys have any recommendations?  I am such an amateur when it comes to photography but really want to improve and have a good camera for when we are travelling. I think it will be fun to learn something new. They always have classes on sale on living social which I definitely plan taking when I have my camera in my hot little hands. Now I just need to get saving!


  1. love the elephant top!! no idea on the camera front. Great haul xx

  2. The shirt with the metallic collar tips looks gorgeous! These look like great buys :)

  3. So much fun listening to your accent Megan! And I love those shoes and the elephant top especially.

    I have a canon XSi that I love, very easy to use and takes fabulous photos. Good luck saving and I'm sure once you have the camera in your hands it'll be worth it :)

  4. A 550D would be fantastic if you're! Great camera :)

  5. I love those heart flats! So cute!

    I don't know much about cameras, but I have a Canon DSLR (It's kinda old, I think it's a 40D) and I love it. Even just using it with mostly automatic settings, the photo quality is so nice. I've heard good things about Nikon DSLRs too :)

  6. Your videos are so cute, I love watching them!

    x Jasmine

  7. I have a Cannon 550D, and I love it. I've had the opportunity to play with a few other DSLRs since but wouldn't even dream about changing my decision about the 5550D.


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