Monday, May 28, 2012

Ankle biters


coat: myer // scarf katies // shoes & pants: target (pants currently on sale) //blazer: portmans (currently on sale) // bag: kmart // necklace: collette

Howdy, 5 days without blogging, wow! I have been busy entertaining my mum and aunty who came down to Canberra for their annual big shopping trip. I can shop but good lord they wear me out we shopped for like twelve hours! They got everything they wanted so it was all worth it. I also got my new camera that I spoke about last week, the Canon 550D. I am still getting use to it so these photos were taken with my point and shoot. I am looking forward to going on little photo taking excursions with my new camera once I figure out how to use it properly!

My three weeks holiday got approved today and I am so excited for a break from work. I am heading to the beach for a week with Brendan in July and the count down is officially on. I don't know why I wanted to go to the beach in the middle of winter but I think it will be really relaxing and am looking forward to just being near the sea.

I love these pants and they are currently on sale here but deary me did I have cold little ankles all day! 


  1. I love your red flats <3 3 weeks holiday sounds amazing! xx

  2. Great pants! I have been looking for a pair of cropped pants so I might have to check them out next time I'm in Target.

    Yay for holidays, I always find the seaside so relaxing!

  3. very cute, love the pants!

  4. Love those pants they are a great style I will have to check out Target especially if they are on sale.

  5. The ocean in winter is amazingly beautiful. I like sitting on the beach more during the cooler months than in the summer. There are always less people about and the air is so cool and fresh. Have a great time away!

  6. Oh, dear! I love your shoes! <3

  7. I love 7/8th pants! This outfit is so cute. I'm jealous of your ability to tuck in your shirt. I look ridiculous when I do it, I don't have the right figure :(

    x Jasmine

    PS. Yay for leave!!!

  8. You look so great as usual. The pants look amazingly comfy. I like the pop of blue from your necklace too. Your 3 weeks off work will be wonderful, relaxing and you will feel so recharged.

  9. congrats on your new camera, always wonderful! and you are moving to the UK? how exciting! i just moved to australia last november, even though it has been difficult at times I love it! all the best! kristina xx

  10. I love the different colored waistband on those pants! I think they're really cute but I'm afraid to order anything online cause you never know how things will fit. Maybe they have them in the store near me.

    I'm always down for a trip to the beach, no matter the season! Can't wait to hear about your vacation :)


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