Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another day another dollar



boots & cardigan: target // skirt(100 years old) & top: valleygirl // scarf: myer (current) // bag: kmart (current)

This outfit is kind of boring but at the same time I like to share a range of the outfits I wear and this is pretty indicative of the kind of thing I wear a lot to work. Sometimes I happily push the work dress code but when I have meetings or I am doing things outside the organisation I dress a little more conservatively.

I have actually owned this skirt since I was 17 and its from Valleygirl so it is pretty crazy that I can still squeeze into it and that it hasn't fallen apart. Wearing it today I realised it would have been way more fun to wear it with my maroon shirt with the white diamonds - so keep an eye out for that post.

Work is crazy at the moment, I was told today that I should not plan any social commitments for the next two weeks, eeck! I think they were joking....I hope! One thing keeping me sane is my renewed motivation for exercising I am loving my bootcamp sessions and body attack, considering I was too scared to even try there classes 12 months ago I am pretty chuffed with myself. Oh and the odd glass of red wine also helps!

I also wanted to say thank you for the nice comments about my YouTube video! It can be nerve racking putting yourself out there but I am excited about this new little project.


  1. I like this outfit, I think the bag definitely adds a nice touch :) the neutral colours work well together. xx

  2. I love that bag! I would struggle to find office clothes in my crazy wardrobe. x

  3. I love your bag, so cool!
    Nice blog! :)

  4. the target bag is an awesome find! And yay for getting into bootcamp and body attack! I went through a phase of LOVING body attack. It's great hey?

  5. I really really like your bag!
    it has so many colors it would go so well with so many outfits!

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  6. I wish it was cold enough to dress like that here. Seems summer does not want to leave SA This week the temperatures where between 26 degrees C and 28 degree C!

  7. Lovely outfit, the scarf is gorgeous.
    Thank you for such a lovely comment (:

  8. i think you look lovely! not at all boring.


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