Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy winter days




skirt & blazer: portmans (both currently on sale) // bag: kmart // shirt: target // shoes: cotton on

I am a very excited lady at the moment as my cousin had a baby yesterday! Well actually my cousin didn't have a baby his partner did - if my cousin had a baby my family would probably be on A Current Affair right now. Did you ever see that awful movie with  Arnold Schwarzenegger where he has a baby? I despise that movie. Anyway the point is my cousin had a healthy little boy named Matteo who looks absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to meet him.

In other news my body is hurting in places that I did not even know could hurt. I have been going to boot camp for the last 8 weeks but it still smashes me every time. It is worth it though as I am slowly losing weight but more importantly getting much fitter. 

Also just thought I would do the old once and awhile reminder that if you think you can handle a little more of me in your life you can follow me on twitter or instagram where my username is timeaftertea. Leave your username so I can follow you too!


  1. You despise junior?! Gasp, but its classic 90's Arnie and Danny Devito... (it is terrible I will admit, but so terrible its good surely?)

    Anyway, I adore that skirt, the colour is just beautiful!!

  2. Love the colour combination :) I want that skirt!!


  3. Aww I love the name Matteo! :) well done for keeping going back to boot camp! :) Also this colour combination is just stunning!!! In reply to your comment, I have a new video going up later today :)

    Love, Rachel

  4. love the skirt and shirt combo. Following you on twitter now - i'm @peta_ballerina : )

  5. OOOh im in love with that skirt the colour is gorgeous.

  6. I agree with everyone else that skirt is lovely!! Love the layering combo. xx

  7. Ulala I am definitely digging these colour combinations going on here. I adore the vibrancy of the skirt and it's simply amazing!Xx

  8. The top is from Target?! I love it. The skirt looks comfy and looks great for winter with the tights. I need to wear more colour at work. I once wore a red dress and everyone seemed to notice. x

    P.S. I hope you receive a package from me soon.

  9. I love this outfit, I can see that it is cold there on the other side of my world, here summer is practically here :) I am so glad I found your blog, its very interesting :)


  10. Love this colour combination. Dark Autumn colour really suit you!

    Congratulations to your cousin! So exciting!

    x Jasmine

    PS. Agreed. That Arnie movie was the worst.


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