Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harry high pants


I love these pants and dont even care if they are not the most flattering piece of clothing that I own. Wearing bright colours in winter is making this horrendous weather slightly bearable. To me feeling good in clothes and enjoying what you wear is even more important how the clothes necessarily make you look. These pants are really fun to wear and I got so many comments on them, I think some people were disappointed when I said they were an op-shop find.

I got some exciting news today I am heading to Brisbane for a work conference in August! I am so looking forward to four days away from the Canberra winter and  to meet my long time blog friend Jasmine! If you are from Brisbane I would love shopping, food or sight seeing tips!!
What good news have you got lately? 


  1. Ooh, missing brissy heaps! I suggest Kangaroo Point Cliffs for a great view of the city/river during the day. Going out for drinks at Eagle Street pier - Fridays and Bavarian Beer cafe are 2 really fun places for drinks at night with amazing river/story bridge views. Shopping is good in Fortitude valley, there's markets on the weekend and a few really good shops along Ann St and Brunswick St (plus some good spots to eat on Brunswick too). Also take the CityCat ferry for a cheap way to see the river :) Sorry for the long comment lol. Hope you have an amazing time! x

  2. You're totally around about wearing clothes that are fun & you just feel good in. I love that bright color, and all the better that you got them at a thrift store!

    Good news for me is that I booked a trip to visit family in Georgia in August! Can't wait. :)

  3. My good news? I am SO HAPPY it is winter again! :) I feel very invigorated with cooler weather, wearing my boots and warm knits.

  4. I went to a conference in Brisbane during winter a few years ago, it was so nice getting some sun and warm weather! I want to go back again and explore properly. I loved walking along the river banks and riding the ferry back and forth from UQ. It's so pretty there.

  5. The pants are a great colour and they still look good. I'm so bummed that I won't be here for your visit to Brisbane. You need Jasmine to take you to Paddington. Fun shopping and food. And Southbank. A walk along the river is always great. Lots of photo taking and you can soak in the lovely Brisbane sun. x

  6. Sorry that Gracie won't be in Brisbane for your visit. But so excited that she'll be here to visit me!!!

    Good for you for wearing those pants because you love them. They are fabulously cheerful!


  7. That blue is fantastic. and YAY for meeting brisbane bloggy friends!

  8. That blue is gorgeous! I just came back from Brisbane, we had a great time there but I mostly spent it with my nieces and nephew - being an auntie is great!

  9. Those pants are so cute! Love how bright they are!

    I am BEYOND excited to hang out with you! :D YAY!!

    x Jasmine


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