Sunday, July 1, 2012

Challenge day 1: Stripes



shirt & shoes: target // skirt and jacket: kmart

This morning I freaked out thinking why did I start this challenge with stripes, when I have no stripey clothes? I went to my wardrobe and within 30 seconds had found over 6 pieces of stripey clothes! I couldn't help but pair two pieces together to give the illusion of a stripey dress. I love that this challenge is already helping me rediscover my wardrobe, I honestly thought I owned two pieces of stripey clothing eeck no more!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, Brendan has man flu which causes him to snore. I cannot stand snoring! I can remember being on a family holiday and sleeping in the bath one night because I couldn't handle my mums snoring. It meant that I slept for most of the day to make up for a lack of sleep last night. I than went to the shops for a little retail therapy and than made nachoes for dinner and watched the block. So happy Brad and Lara won!

I took these photos in my new room which I might not do again because of the shadows but it is a good space when the weather is bad outside. I hope you have a had a good weekend, I have 5 days of work before 2 weeks holiday!

P.S The first of July, what?!!?


  1. whoa i thought that was a dress! but i love how you paired the stripes together, they are matching in design!

  2. totally thought that was a dress too! good on you for challenging yourself!

  3. I really thought that was a dress. Seriously. My mind went, "What a lovely dress! I want one!", and then, because I'd decided it was a dress, when you mentioned it was two pieces it took me a few seconds to realise what you were talking about. Nicely done!

  4. Such a cute outfit! I love your style.

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  6. I'm with everyone else - I thought it was a dress too! It looks great!

    I love this idea. I would do it with you but I currently have no clothes. Okay, so not 'no' clothes, but very little because I refuse to buy more clothes until I lose a bit more weight.

    x Jasmine


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