Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home and away again




skirt: portmans // tshirt: zara // cardigan: cocolatte // socks: forever new // coat: myer // bag: Tressle

I am home again after a week at Broken Hill, I traveled over 2500km in 7 days, bananas! It was so good to spend time with my sister, mum and aunty we always have fun together. I cannot wait to share photos next week. But for now I am off to pack (again) because I am heading to Brisbane for work tomorrow. I don't even mind that it is for work because the weather will (hopefully I don't jinx it) be way better than freezing in Canberra. I also will get to meet my baby cousin who was born a few months ago. 

Travelling is definitely one of my biggest sources of inspiration and a double dose in two weeks means I am one happy lady, oh and the fact that Farmer wants a wife starts again tonight, that also makes me happy!


  1. Travelling is SO exciting :) I always feel like I have got SO much to write about when I get home too :) Have fun on your work trip! I love the colour of your skirt by the way :)

    Love, Rachel

  2. It's quite warm in Brizvegas at the moment so your gonna love it. I even have my summer pj's on tonight. Cant wait to see you pics from your trip.

  3. What a fabulous skirt- the colour and cut are exactly what I want for when it starts getting cooler here

  4. You look so cute, as usual. :) And meeting new babies is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I hope you have a great trip!

  5. i love the colors in this outfit - that skirt is lovely. and wow - LOTS of traveling!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  6. Too bad you'll be in Brisbane but Gracie is in LA!

    She's on her way to me next week... Am so excited!

    PS: You have the prettiest smile, Megan. No matter what you're wearing, you look lovely in every outfit post!

  7. Super pretty winter outfit! Love that full skirt :)

    Life etc

  8. such a great outfit <3 love your style :)

    Alexa <3

  9. This outfits so cute! I love that skirt. OMG im so excited that farmer wants a wife is back on!! :D :D xx

  10. I love the whole boots and socks look!

    xo Jennifer

  11. So cute! I love the colour of the skirt.

  12. Lucky you for all your recent travels! :) You look beautiful as always! I always love looking at pics of you and your cute outfits! Talk about a closet I'd love to raid ;)

  13. i am in love with every single piece in this outfit. as seperates and all together... perfection. =)


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