Thursday, August 9, 2012

The line dancer





boots: target // skirt: h&m // shirt: love clothing // blazer: dotti // belt: forever new 

As soon as I put this outfit on I was reminded of the costumes that line dancers wear. I think it was a mix of the bright coloured blazer paired with the details on the collar, I wore it anyway. 

My memories of line dancing are short and sweet - my mum took it up for a few weeks when I was little and I can remember getting a soft drink while I would sit and watch them dance. Anyway I don’t know if many people line dance anymore (am more than happy to be told otherwise) so maybe this outfit will be as close to line dancing as I get anytime soon.

On another note I thought I would share three little things I have seen on the internet this week that made me smile, hopefully one of them makes you smile too!
♥ This cute little gorilla 
♥ This article by comedian Carrie Grant on the latest Carefree advertising
♥ This facebook page (it scares me how much I relate to some of these)


  1. I love the collar detail. Meh, Megan as if you have anything to worry about. Heaps of people will email you photo for the floral challenge. I'm really looking forward it :)

  2. I do like the collar details - very cute.

  3. Love the details on the collard of your dress ; loove thewyyoustyled your rings! very nice;)
    visit me

  4. Super cute! i love the collar and the attention to detail you always seem to incorporate effortlessly!


  5. Oh boy. Line dancing! Always makes me think of "Achy Breaky Heart"... yikes!

    Despite that, you totally rocked the outfit. You look fab in red.

  6. i remember line dancing in gym as a kid! all the boys hated it! and why were we line dancing in gym class in southern ohio? i'll never know

    but i LOVE this outfit. the details on the collar are so cute and i lvoe that red jacket

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. this is a fabulous outfit <3 you always look so beautiful! love all your outfits

    Alexa <3

  8. Lovely outfit dear :) I've never been line dancing, but it sounds fun!

  9. Aw, you don't look like a line dancer at all! This is a super cute outfit!

    x Jasmine

  10. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog !
    I really like your dress and rings! :D
    I'm now following you both via Bloglovin and google! :D
    Love, Saar from The Week Peek.

  11. I didn't think of it at first but when I read it, it totally made sense haha. Now it reminds me of linedancing as well but you do look great in it :D xo

  12. nice dress, I love the detailing on the collar!
    & great blog :D

  13. I love that skirt! I remember going line dancing when I was a kid and it was fun! I don't care if that makes me a dork, hehe.

    I thought that article was great! It's funny how when I was pregnant, so many other pregnant women wouldn't say 'vagina'... It's like, really, you're going to be pushing a baby out of it, it might be time to use the right word :p

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