Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Working and housekeeping



skirt: h&m // top: chicabotti // cardigan: valleygirl // wedges: target

Back to work this week and I have to say I am desperately missing the Queensland sunshine. I actually think I could quite happily move up there, the only thing I wouldn't like is not being close to my family.

I also spontaneously joined Michelle Bridge 12 week body transformation challenge. My workout routine has nearly become non-existent over the last two months and I am hoping this will get me into good habits - have you done the challenge or are you participating in this round.

I also just wanted to remind you that I am doing my big floral post on Saturday and I would love you to email me (timeaftertea (at) gmail (dot) com) a photo of you wearing floral or leave a link in the comments to an outfit you would like me to include.

And lastly my blog birthday is coming up and I am organising a give away. If you would like to contribute something I am offering free ad space on my side bar for a month, so email me if you are interested in getting involved.

I hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. I'm gonna check out that challenge immediately--I saw your grocery picture on instagram. :) Yay for your blog birthday! Mine's on January 1, so easy to remember. :)

  2. Congrats on your blog birthday! I'm seriously loving that bag! May I ask where it's from?

  3. Please keep us updated on the Michelle Bridges thing I am really interested on hearing how it all goes. hubby has lost his job so I really cant justify paying for it at the moment but am thinking of doing it in the future. Congrats on your upcoming birthday.

  4. love that skirt hun, you look so happy.
    happpy blog bday xo

  5. lovely outfit, the bag really stands out, great colours <3 xx

  6. Love that skirt! Can't wait for your florals post, I just emailed you a pic :)

    Life etc

  7. girl you look soo cute <3 love all your outfits!!

    Alexa <3

  8. Love this outfit!

    I can't wait to see your before and after for the Michelle Bridges Challenge!

    x Jasmine


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