Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Girl in pink




shoes: maceys // pants: target // shirt: loveclothing // jumper: zara // blazer: dotti

I love wearing bright colours, for some reason it makes me feel like I am setting the right tone for the rest of the day.  I cannot exactly say that I tone things down in Winter but the early morning sunshine and the warmer days are definitely making me want to run around town in bright florals and pops of bright colour more than ever. I haven't even had to wear a coat the last two days - I don't want to jinx it but maybe I can pack them away for good.

Tonight B and I went on a date to a kitsh little cafe on the other side of town. B was happy to find out it was pizza night and I was just happy to chat about summer plans. This time every year I realise how much the weather affect's my mood and how much more motivated and inspired I feel at this time of year. Maybe that's why I feel so restless? When do you feel most motivated?


  1. I'm with you lovely, I feel so much better once the weather starts getting warmer. And you look gorgeous - that jumper is the perfect shade of pink! xoxox

  2. I am totally the same- feeling so motivated and inspired. I'm glad the sun has finally woken me up! By the way, love the black tips on your collar, so cute.

  3. Spring is definitely the most inspiring/happy time of the year for me, especially these first few weeks when you can really start to feel the change! Love those bright colours on you :)

    Life etc

  4. Ok, can I just say I'd love to "borrow" your shirt and never ever give it back. That collar is amazing!!!! I think you have just given me my next DIY.

  5. You look darling in pink. I love these colors and totally understand what you mean about bright colors and mood!

  6. these colours look so good on you, the whole ensemble is perfect! i love a hit of pink, it really can cheer you up!xx

  7. I always get so excited when the mornings are bring and sunny, so much so that I often leave the house with not enough on! I ditch the coats too early on in spring! The bright colours come out nd the blacks tend to get pushed to the back! I love this outfit on you! Gorgeous!

  8. The weather affects my moods in exactly the same way, come spring I feel so much more excited and motivated about life! I do love winter but after a while it does get you down. I love the pink on pink outfit :)

  9. The weather definitely affects my mood. I find I'm the most happiest in late spring, and I bet I'm one of a bunch of people who would give that answer! Except we're going into fall now so I have to prep for the clouds and cold!

    I love your blazer with this outfit! I like the nude color of it, very cute :)


  10. I love everything about this outfit.

  11. You look like a model!!! I love these pics and this outfit xx

  12. Love this outfit. Bright colours really suit you!

    I'm the same as you - as soon as it starts to warm up I feel motivated to do so much more with my life!

    x Jasmine


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