Monday, November 12, 2012

Embracing the kitten heel




shoes & trousers: target // shirt: vintage // cardigan: cocolatte // bag: oasap

I feel like sky high stilettos scream 'I am woman, here me roar." Well I have come to the sad realisation that I will never be that woman, I have tried but have not conquered and I am admitting defeat. I have a couple of pairs still lingering in my wardrobe, hoping that they will see the light of day but its not going to be on my feet.

No more kidding myself that one day I will wear them, its time to get real. I still remember one of first dates with Brendan and we were leaving the house to get into the taxi and I had to run back and change out of my heels because my feet were killing before I even got to the mail box. So the kitten heel is now my best friend, maybe not as sexy as its stiletto cousin but practical and well its time to the face the music, I don't have the pain threshold for more than practical.

Are you a stiletto lover? Or are you on the kitten heel bandwagon?


  1. You look so beautiful! I wear and love stilettos but it is over rated a bit, isn't it? ;) I'm not a kitten heel lover, I don't have a pair but I adore how they look on other women, you especially. I just couldn't bring myself to wear them. I have a few times but I think I look ridiculous in them! xoxox

  2. You look gorgeous in this outfit even with the lower heel! I love high heels but you are so right that they are no way near as practical as a smaller heel! I've been turning to a "mid-heel" (roughly 8cm's) rather then the stiletto 12cm kind! Way too much pain! Your outfit is also so cute! I can't believe the shoes and pants are from Target! I seriously need to get into target and do some shopping! x

  3. Love this outfit! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that lovely hues of jeans are still in fashion after I've had my baby. Because these pants are perfect! And I'm definitely a fan of the kitten heal, they're easier to walk in and way more comfortable. It is not a good look seeing ladies out and about struggling to walk in their lovely stilettos.

  4. Hmm. Too bad for those stilettos... Kitten hills are the tame and kinder cousins, in my opinion.

    To be honest, I have always been the flats and cushy-soles kind of person, because I just love walking! Heels kind of are bad for one's back, isn't it?

    1. *kitten heels. Why was I thinking about hills of kittens, I wonder...

  5. Yes! I remember trying so hard to love wearing heels, and I remember the day coming to the realization that they just aren't me. I save them for special occasions and envy those that can wear them like a running shoe. But, I will always be a low heel, wedge, ballet flats kind of gal!

  6. I am the worst when it comes to wearing heels. I've always worn flats and the best I can manage is a wedge heel! ;) I do however, have a couple of low heels, including a pair of t-strap kitten heels which I successfully wore to a wedding once.

  7. I've been living in flats most of the year. I just love my comfort too much. Your outfit is lovely, love the trousers.

  8. Ahhh. I completely feel your pain with stilettos. I gave up a long time ago and they are reserved for picture moments only. I haven't really tried kitten heels but i'm a wedge heel gal :)

    xo Stephanie

  9. Don't worry, it's not just you. There's no way I will ever be a high-heeled woman. I'm doing good just to wear platforms!

  10. I'm totally with you! I can't wear sky high heels without pain and feeling like I might fall at any moment! ha ha, I much prefer mid and low heels :)

    Love, Rachel


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