Monday, November 26, 2012

growing up.

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When I was 16 I had my whole life figured out - get a university degree, get married when I was 24 and buy a house and have a baby before I was 28.

I am 3 weeks away from turning 25 - I have the degree but those other things have definitely taken a back seat. My life plan took a back seat and that is completely fine because I have done so much and experienced things that no plan can ensure you experience but lately that little niggle to have some sort of a plan has come back. 

I want to travel, I want to own a house and I want to get married and have kids but now I know that it can't all fit into a perfect plan that I can't dictate every year of my life and that I should not use age as a boundary for when things should be done, or goals should be achieved. That my life has to be mine and that I shouldn't try and fit my life in to someone else's plan. 

So my plan now isn't as rigid as before, I am not going to set deadlines for when things needs to be done but I am going to have goals (big picture goals) and I am going to start taking more steps to ensure that I achieve them. For now I am concentrating on silencing that travel bug of mine so am writing budgets and looking at maps and writing lists of destinations. Whether it happens in the next 12 months or the next 24 months in the scheme of a lifetime it won't really matter.

So maybe for me now, three weeks away from a quarter of a century, its not so much about having a plan but making sure things are moving in the right direction and embracing the unexpected bumps along the way.


  1. I had a very similar plan and if it had all gone the way I had written it out I would be married with a house and a baby on the way. Instead like yourself I am part way but I am happy with where I am in life and am glad that I didn't stress or try to rush it. I do still have a 'plan' but it's more of a list of things I would like to achieve :) So many wonderful and unexpected things come up in life if you are open to them :) That's something I adore about blogging! I can look back and see what I have achieved over the past year, It's way more than I could remember and makes you feel even more grateful to be where you are :) Lovely post Megan!

    Love, Rachel

  2. Hi megan,

    its been ages since ive been to your blog and read it, and i have to say, it is still wonderful!

    i am 24, and feel the same as you. I have a masters degree, but am single and still living with my family. i want to have children and a husband also, and hopefully will find him eventually. in the mean time i am just enjoying what life has to offer me.

    hope you can come and visit my posts and i shall continue reading. lovely post.

    love eleanor xx

    1. Hi Eleanor,

      Great to see you back again :)And thank you for your lovely words.

      It is so important to just enjoy the day to day isnt it?

      Will definitely be visiting your blog :)

  3. This definitely sounds all grown-up to me.
    Heck, I'm almost a decade ahead of you, and I still don't think I've grown up much. Dayss seem to move much quicker, and we now only make plans for the next day. Next month sounds a little too far-fetched :)

  4. Such a relevant post for me, I'm due to graduate next summer and everyone is panicking about whats going to happen after uni, what job they get, where they live etc etc. I've got a boyfriend I met at uni and we both know that if we want to stay together afterwards it's going to take a lot of work. My initial goal of being settled down with everything in place and owning a house by the time I was 26 doesn't look like it's going to happen quite that quickly! Really admire you for wanting to see more of the world :) xx

  5. Part of growing up is realizing its ok to slow down! Great post.


  6. amazing pics :) and great post, i really like it

  7. Reminds me so much of my plan. Degree, great job, and home all by 25. I'm missing the great job, or any job at this point. This year has been hard but it I've learned to be patient and wait things out. Everything happens for a reason and all our plans will happen when it's time for them to happen.

  8. Ah plans… as I've discovered they are always evolving and changing just as you do. 25 is a wonderful age to stop and take stock of where you are and where you want to be but… it's also a great age for getting out, seeing the world and most importantly, having some fun! :)

  9. Haha your 16 year old plan sounds the same as mine! I'm not even going to finish my degree until I'm 24 (next year)! You look lovely in that white dress :)

    Life etc

  10. I've never been a planner, but when I was at school, I was the one who was never getting married and never having kids. Now I'm married and can't wait (all in good time) to have some little ones running around.
    It's nice to take a set back and just let it all go.

  11. This reminds me of me. I had a life plan but it didn't go quite the way I expected. So I'm taking steps to do the things I really want to do instead of what my life plan was :)

  12. I felt the same way at 24, in fact I'm 27 now and thinking, how am I going to be able to do everything before 30?! But when I told my Dad how I was feeling, he said - 'Rhianne, its just one day, between 24 and 25 and that day is just like every other day'. and it didn't seem so daunting or something I felt I needed to worry about any more. My Dad always says the right thing somehow :)

    I like to think of all the things that have happened that I could never have planned - I live in a completely different place than I expected, I have written an on-line book(!?) etc. You have a shop! I bet you never planned for that! x


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