Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time After Tea Vintage is OPEN!!


I am so happy to announce that my little vintage store, Time After Tea Vintage, is open! Head on over and have a look. I am so happy with the end product, I really love each piece in the store and the quality of each item. I have tried to make it as affordable as possible as I think that vintage clothing should be enjoyed by everyone. The clothes have come from all over the place, Melbourne, Los Angeles and of course some are from little old Canberra. I am hoping to update the shop about once a fortnight so keep checking back for new stock.

I am so lucky to have had so many people help me out, to my mum helping me wash and iron, my sister, Leah, and friend Alesha modelling for me and my friend Shannon for designing the logo, I am so thankful for their help.

Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any suggestions on what could be better, I would love to hear your opinion.

Oh and if you want to keep up to date with all things shop than I would love you to follow along on facebook.


  1. Great job Megan! I just popped over to have a look, it's fabulous! What a lot of work you've put in to your store, but it must have been so much fun as well. The shots you've taken to model each item are really cool. Congrats! I'll be keeping my eye on it :)

  2. Wishing you lots of happy sales!!!

  3. Yay!!!! I hope it all goes amazingly for you. Im going to check it out now xxx

  4. How wonderful! What a great job you've done!

  5. Congratulations!!! The store looks amazing!!

  6. I AM SO TEMPTED BY THAT CLOUD PRINTED DRESS. Or cloud-shaped flowers, whatever they are! Yay for opening a shop, that is so exciting for you :)


    1. Oh my gosh I had no idea how to describe it! They look like there clouds but definitely flowers :P

  7. I love how you have pieces from all over the place! I really like the shop's design as well. It's very pleasing to the eye :)

  8. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Im so excited!!! I'm off to check it out now xx

  9. Congratulations lovely! I checked it out, gorgeous pieces and I can see how they're personally curated by you (lookbook perhaps?). Sadly, they all look like they'd be too big on me! If you acquire smaller pieces that you think are 'me' - let me know!!! xoxox


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