Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little, too late



top: kmart // belt: forever new // shoes: london rebel // bag: olga berg // skirt: topshop

Do you ever put something on before work and um and ah about too tight, too short, too much cleavage? I had an internal conflict this morning about this skirt. I decided to run with it and as I got closer and closer to work, I regretted my decision more and more.

I am pretty sure it wasn't that bad to anyone else but I couldn't help but feel self conscious about how short it felt. So after having to stay seated for as much of the day as possible I have relegated this skirt to the weekend wardrobe. I love this skirt but do not love worrying all day about flashing a work colleague.

Do you have any work wardrobe related horror stories?


  1. Love your accesorising in this outfit! looking great!


  2. I've done that before!! Or I hate it even when I just don't like what I'm wearing that day and I have to wear it all day long at work. Or if I decide to not shower and put my hair up in a pony tail and then have an unexpected meeting with a big time client haha those are the worst days! But you look beautiful as always!

  3. I generally wear pants to work. When I wear a dress or a skirt, it is either a maxi or worn with tights

    Xo Stephanie

  4. I have a few skirts that are a little short for work but I still wear them :) It only looks short when I sit down and you can't really see my legs because of my desk anyway. You look gorgeous! x

  5. I feel the same way when I wear skirts about that same length. I know that it's really not too short, but I still feel self-conscious!

  6. This outfit isn't too short at all!

    I've seen lots of work wardrobe horrors at my work - from girls showing their midriffs, to see-through lace tops with black bras ... to bad 'Dad' jeans and joggers!

    x Jasmine


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