Saturday, January 5, 2013

13 goals and resolutions in 2013

I know, I know another resolution post - are you sick of them yet? I have to say I have been a little bit sneaky and reading everyone else's posts to inspire me and help me reflect on what I want from this year. 

For me 2012 was a year where I made foundations, I committed to relationships, I became more financially responsible, I made wiser health decisions, I followed some dreams and sadly realised I had to let some go - I kind of sorted out all the boring stuff! In 2013 I really want those adult decisions to start paying off a little bit.

So below is the 13 things I want to accomplish in the coming year - some are goals, some are resolutions but in the end I hope it turns out to be one fantastic year (I am a little superstitious and worried about this whole 13 business but fingers crossed).

1. Prioritise my relationship - knowing that Brendan loves me no matter what sometimes means I put other things first but I know that our relationship should come first.
2. Go overseas - yeah I need to stop banging on about this and book our tickets.
3. Go to bootcamp three times a week 
4. Read 12 books - I use to read a book a fortnight, but I have been reading the last book I started for 6 months, I need to prioritize
5. Be financially chic - being financially responsible makes me feel much more secure I want to keep building on these good habits
6. Shop for quality not quantity - this kind of builds on the previous goal - I love shopping but I need to shop smarter and not shop on impulse (or if I am impulsively shopping buy something I need)
7. Build our own piece of furniture - inspired by this post, I really want to make something myself.
8. Blog consistently and passionately
9. Take more photos and improve my skills
10. Build Time After Tea vintage (this is so vague but I haven't quite figured out the specifics yet, even if it is learning to sew so I can do my own alterations)
11. Be more spontaneous
12. Buy a home - yeah this one is probably the most aspirational but you never know.
13.  Slow down - not necessarily do less, but appreciate the moment instead of worrying about the future

So some of these are quite specific and some are quite broad but I really want to capture the things that are important for me in 2013. What are your goals for the year?


  1. What a mature and sophisticated list of resolutions. I wish mine sounded the same! :D
    Would love to join you on reading 12 books! I plough through a book for months...

    Anyhow, maybe you have seen my list of 13 for 2013 already?

  2. Fabulous goals! Buy that ticket! Just do it! Shopping smart and being financially chic are things I'm hoping to be a bt more aware of this year too.

  3. I don't really have much goals for this year sorted at the moment. But I want to blog more, enjoy life and come out of my shell

    Xo Stephanie

  4. I think your list is great. Can't wait to keep up with what you do this year :) x

  5. Love your goals Megan! I haven't formally sat down to create a list but I do have one in my head. Something along these lines:

    1. Continue eating healthy and being more active (I started this about 3 months ago, and more seriously about 2 weeks ago and I really just want to make sure its not just a phase)
    2.Blog and Vlog more regularly.
    3.Make a baby (yeah this is a big one I know!)
    4.List items more regularly on etsy/ebay.
    5.Develop good habits around the home (like cleaning up dishes right away and not leaving clothes on the ground).


  6. Love your resolutions! I really hope you get to travel and buy a house (how exciting!). My plan is to take better care of myself - gym, eating, stress etc. I have too many illnesses that are made worse by stress and bad eating, so I need to slow down and re-prioritise my life.

    x Jasmine


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