Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little life updates :: January 2013

 beach time// outfit details// lunch time// coffee break// wine and snack ♥ 

Reading lots of things except a 'real' book - Frankie magazines looking for photo inspiration, Cupcakes and Cashmere for blogging inspiration and research on advertising and marketing as well as delving deep into the archives of Delightfully Tacky, how have I not been reading this blog.

'Next stop Hollywood' on ABC iView, such a good show, I feel like these people are my friends and I am so nervous about whether or not they are going to get a casting during pilot season, eep!

to my housemate about who is a better judge on American idol - Mariah Carey or Nicki Minaj - I have a soft spot for Nicki...

about way to much - sometimes I think January can result in motivation/inspiration overload. On Wednesday night I couldn't sleep because I was busy thinking about what breed of puppy we should buy even though we cant buy a puppy where we currently live, worrying about when I would have time to take new stock photos for the shop and when the hell am I going to finish Shantaram I have been reading that bloody book for months now and just cant seem to get through it. Reminding myself that one of my goals was to take it slow - I need to work though these things, one at a time.

nothing! gosh so rarely do I say this but I have been trying really hard to stick to my budget and only buy things I truelly love. I am going shopping on the weekend with some blog pals so we will see how I hold up with so much temptation!

to buy a house, I think I know every house for sale in Canberra I have done so much research. It is still a little way down the track but I cant help but be excited.

work out gear, I just got back from boot camp in 34 degree heat, its the first time I have really felt close to vomiting, bah!

an iced coffee but it is way too late for one. I have been drinking them like they are going out of fashion - I just have coffee and ice, so refreshing!

all the response to this post, I honestly loved reading everyone's responses and am still working through replying to each and every one!

So tell me what are you reading, watching, planning buying or loving? How is this year starting out for you?


  1. I loved reading this! I feel like I'm a little caught up on what's happening in your life, we really shouldn't spend this long apart...

    Can't wait to catch up next week xx

  2. What a lovely post! I'm glad you're loving Delightfully Tacky. I'm supposed to be reading a book called Nine Days for book club, watching Pitch Perfect over and over and drinking too much wine in celebration of my friends wedding.

  3. Lovely post Megan! I'm reading Thorn Birds (a book I have meant to read for YEARS but have only just started) and I'm watching Paper Giants (something else I meant to watch when it first aired but only just got a chance to). As for buying… I don't buy too muh for myself these days. Most of my shopping is done for the vintage store but I usually treat to myself to the odd vintage trinket or book while op shopping etc.

  4. Seriously Megan - I love all your posts! I only discovered Delightfully Tacky through you a few days ago and I must admit - I'm rather obsessed! So here are a few of my life updates for you:

    Reading: Unfortunately I'm not reading any books at the moment (lots of blogs, but sadly no books). I'm one of those people that loves reading however hardly ever finishes the books she starts!

    Watching: "The Other Guys" - Scott put it on about half an hour ago and I'm finding it rather boring - so I grabbed my mac for some blog reading instead!

    Planning: Next week I'll be at work doing lots of planning and organising for the new school year - I've got a 1/2 class this year (excitement)

    Buying: I've actually been buying quite a few bits and pieces recently. Mostly clothes and few odds things for around the home. Like a sweet ceramic container for our kittys biscuits !

    Loving: Lucy (our darling kitty). I feel so loved by her.

    Have a great weekend xx

    P.s (How do you get the reply button on your comments? I can't seem to work it out!)

  5. You have just reminded me about iced coffee, for some reason I have completely neglected that little gem this summer. Do you use the nespresso machine? I feel like my mind has been running on overtime making for crappy sleep and alas the need for caffeine! have also been doing well with my shopping ban and using some Chrissy vouchers and trying to avoid the online temptations. And thank you for introducing me to Delightfully Tacky, what a gorgeous blog!! Hope you have been keeping cool in this heat xx

  6. I love the concept of the post Megan! I'm reading (or just finished reading) Little Bee and loved it. I'm watching Girls (a HBO comedy show, totally awkward and original show, review soon on the blog). I'm planning my Europe holiday! (which isn't for another 5 months but I'm planning anyway). I'm buying nothing, just like you. I haven't gone shopping at all this month which is so not like me! And I'm loving the cool change today for obvious reasons! :)

  7. I love the photo of you and the coffee. It's so simple but lovely and relaxing. <3 :)

  8. I can relate so much - I constantly I'm worried and thinking about things that just aren't important right now "where are we going to live in 5 years"

  9. I hear you on the January overload! I find January is so full of inspiration and motivation that I sometimes get overwhelmed by it all. This is a huge contrast to what my friends up north tell me their January is like, everyone in America/Canada are talking about the January Blahs. It must be the weather that makes all the difference.

    x Jasmine


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