Sunday, January 20, 2013

My white wine sangria recipe

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I love sangria, it screams summertime and is great to serve at dinner parties or bbq's. I decided this year I wanted to learn how to make my own and decided to try a white wine sangria as I think its more refreshing in summer. I have made it a few times now and thought I would share my recipe. I might give the red sangria a try when it starts cooling down a little.

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What you need...
- 1 lemon
- Half an orange
- 1 lime
- 1 passionfruit
- 500 mls of soda water
- 2 shots of vodka
- 1 bottle of a dry white wine
- A third of a cup of caster sugar

What to do....
1.Slice all your fruit up and spoon out the inside of the passionfruit, put all the fruit into the jug.

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2. Get a wooden spoon and mash all the juices out of the fruit and then tip in the soda water and stir.

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3. Add in a third of a cup of caster sugar and stir until it dissolves. If you like your sangria sweet you might like to add another third of a cup at the end depending on what you think of the taste - I don't like mine too sweet.

4. Add in two shots of vodka or whatever spirit takes your fancy. If you don't want to make your sangria too alcoholic just leave out this step. Give it a good stir.

5. Lastly add in the whole bottle of wine and give it another stir. Don't use a good bottle of wine something cheap will be fine, I usually use a sav blanc and just get whatever is on sale.

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6. Now you must do a taste test before serving - is it to sour? Add in a little more sugar. Too sweet? It might need a little more vodka and soda water. Just play around with it till you get the taste right but you should nearly be there.

7. Last add lots of ice, serve and  enjoy!

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  1. This smells like the beginning of a new addiction for me seeing as i had red sangria Friday night. I'll definitely be giving your recipe a try over the coming weeks but i'll be leaving out the vodka

    xo Stephanie

  2. Will definitely try it! Adore sangria. Thanks for sharing!

  3. YUM looks delicious! I want to try this! Thanks for sharing :)


  4. hello dear… happy new year! I was navegating and I saw your blog, you have a great blog and style, please come visit my blog and if you like it let me know if you want us to follow each other ok!
    Kisses from Guatemala

  5. Mmmm sangria by the jug even better! I've made red sangria before with red wine and fruit but on a trip to Barcelona a while ago I tasted my first white sangria with bubbly and vodka - it was amazing! I have saved this recipe to make one day very soon :)

    1. I hope you like it Michelle, let me know if you have any improvements!

  6. I LOVE white wine sangria and make it a fair bit. I tend to use lychees but will give passionfruit a go next time!

    1. Oh lychees, yummo. Going to give that a go.

  7. If I drank alcohol I'd totally be into this. It sounds so fresh!

    x Jasmine

    1. You could substitute a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. I think that would be pretty delicious!

  8. I love sangria! And I have to agree with you; it does scream summertime and makes me want to have a backyard bbq with friends and family. I use flavored liquor like peach schnapps for added flavor, and the brine from a can of peaches as an alternative for those who like their sangrias a little lighter on alcohol. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Megan! :)


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