Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gingham style (sorry had to!)

 photo d3f281f6-7053-43a6-bdcd-ec29fe625be9_zpsd487e209.jpg
skirt :: felt // top :: valleygirl // bag :: sportsgirl // shoes :: thrifted

I can’t believe that we are already heading into mid-February. To be honest I kind of feel like 2012 never ended and these two years are just snowballing into each other. For me 2012 was a transitional period and I really want 2013 to be a year where I achieve goals and make changes. I think I need to get back on track and make the most of this new year before it gets away from me and its 2014 and I am making the same old goals.
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 photo gingham_zps878f8e27.jpg
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It’s been a month since I wrote my goals for this year and to be honest I haven’t really given them much thought since. There are a few that have niggled at the back of my mind but I am ready to start putting in place solid stepping stones to achieve them.
Firstly I am going to write my goals up and put them on my wall so that I have a little reminder about what I want to achieve this year. Then I want to make a small goal for each month that works toward my big goals. Confused yet? Too much goal talk? Yeah me too but I really want a few things to happen this year and it wont just happen if I sit around thinking about it.
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So goal one is take photos of the everyday to work  towards improving my photography. I am going to take my camera out on the weekends and take more photos during the weekdays of things that may seem mundane but make up my  life. Sometimes I get self conscious in public taking photos of funny little things but stuff it I am not going to get any better at photography if I don't take any photos?

I think getting my hair done also needs to be a goal (can I count that as a goal?) It has been nearly six months - I am hopeless with things like getting my hair done!

How are you going with your new years resolutions? 


  1. you look so lovely! good luck with achieving your goals you can do it! :)xxx

  2. I love the gingham on you! I also want to take more photos xx

  3. I love that skirt, and those pretty green sandals. I also feel like last year passed so quickly, I can't believe we're the middle of Feb 2013 at all!! xx

  4. I was actually just thinking how lovely your hair looks in these photos... whoops. I think you look particularly gorgeous though! Great shots, and bad puns are awesome. Having started my new year while traveling I never really got a chance to just sit and focus on what I wanted to accomplish exactly. I feel that way about life sometimes. There are some things I really want to work towards but haven't. I need to be more organized and motivated I think.

    Best of luck with all your goals!

  5. You look adorable and the title of this post is hilarious! :) Also: cute shoes--what a great find! Micaela is always finding the most amazing things at thrift stores & I've been jealous of her luck. :)

    I need to start seriously focusing on my goals as well. There are always so many things I need to do but it's hard to take that first step. Keep us posted on your progress, pretty girl!

  6. I always use to be self conscious of taking photos of anything in public but in the end I realised while someone may look (curious to see what I'm taking a photo of) no one really cares. I think my iPhone has helped a lot with this but I'm also keen to start taking my camera out more.

    Love your outfit, very cute!

  7. I take my camera everywhere, mostly for food photos, but everything gets snapped. I feel the same about the year running away from us, but we are actively working towards some goals and others seem to be falling to the way side.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes! What a great pop of color. I wish I could pull off the high waisted look. I truly think there are few things you couldn't pull off though (if there's any!)

    you know my Dad gave me a nicer camera than a point and shoot so I could learn, but I just wish I had someone to teach me. I hate learning new things! lol I wish I could take better photos, especially with Felix but the iPhone makes it so convenient. It seems when I try and use my nicer camera, it's blurry etc. Obv. i should learn what the buttons all mean ;) there's a goal of mine-- learn my camera.

    Lose the baby weight. I've added another hour of pilates to my workout and have started to take the baby on daily walks (now that's it getting warmer) so that counts towards my goal but I have a long way to go. sigh.

  9. You look lovely. I am really glad to see people that are really trying to achieve their goals, it's refreshing and optimistic.
    I also have a lot of goals for this year: lose some weight, read more, become a better professional, travel more and most of all, write, baby, write!
    I guess I am starting to transform into reality my writing goal since I've restart blogging, this time about an old passion of mine, tea.

    Maybe you'll also like to check it out. Here's the link: http://rivertea.com/blog/

    I must say again! I absolutely adore your outfit!

  10. Aren't you cute? Love this outfit on you.

    And you know what, I refused to find out what Gangnam style was until last weekend, where a friend put the video on for me on Youtube. Seriously, what is the fuss about an old guy dancing horribly?

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  12. You look gorgeous as usual Megan. I love that gingham skirt. This year is also my year to achieve some goals. I'm trying to keep track and keep them on the forefront of my mind. As for photos I want to get better too. I too get self conscious about taking photos in public. Here's to taking more photos :) x

  13. This year is going SO fast. I feel a bit swept away too! I love your idea of setting stepping stone goals each month :) I think I might join you in breaking my little goals down into smaller ones :)You look stunning by the way! I love this skirt and you hair is getting super long! :)

    Love, Rachel

  14. Hahaha, your title cracks me up. You're awesome.

    I love your shoes in this outfit. They're super cute!

    I'm rubbish at getting my hair done too. The last time I got mine cut was January 2nd 2012. Whoops! I'm getting it cut tomorrow though!

    x Jasmine


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