Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm walking on sunshine

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bag & dress: vintage // shoes: target // cardigan :zara

As much as it pains me to say it I can definitely feel glimpses of Autumn in the air. The days are a little cooler and the mornings a little darker. There wont be many weeks left of just being able to throw on a summer dress and run out the door. I definitely enjoy Autumn and Winter fashion more then the hotter months but there is something to be said for the simplicity of being able to wear less constructed outfits.

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So what are your plans for the end of the season? We have one last beach trip planned, the celebration of two friends engagements and hopefully a night at the outdoor cinema. Oh and starting a new job... yup I am off on a 12 month contract to a new agency, still doing criminal law related work but more victim focused. I think a change will be really good for me, well I hope so anyway.

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I had my fringe cut last week. It is an endless cycle get fringe cut, painstakingly grow fringe out, get sick of having no fringe - cut fringe off. This is the first time I really regretted it. As soon as I stepped out of the hairdressers I wanted to go back collect all the hair and stick it back on. A week later I have got use to it but will be going through the same old thing of growing it out again.

 photo 9a46e14d-c5c0-4f42-82b4-c8fd14a1ab20_zpsb1ed9366.jpg

Ps - Just a reminder if you have a stripey outfit photo please send it my way for my summer lookbook, I will be putting together a post next week


  1. I can't believe you said the word Autumn, let alone Winter, I thought you'd be in denial about it for a while yet... This cardi is really cute, looking forward to catching up next week xx

  2. soooo cute. i love how comfortable you've become taking photos in different settings. :)))

  3. It's funny how we've both posted about a similar theme on the same night! I'm sad that summer's nearly over... so determined to spend as much time outdoors as possible while we still can! I love the blue and yellow combination. And your fringe looks perfect! xx

  4. Your dress is so fantastic! What a beautiful find. Super flattering. I definitely know what you mean about haircut remorse, my hair had been needing a trim for a long time so I went to the hairdressers this week on a whim and I got a really bad cut and felt really grumpy handing over my card to pay. It does grow back though of course. Good luck with your new work adventure!

  5. I think i'm the only one on here who is actually excited that summer is almost over. It's a great season but my least favourite due to the heat, bush fires and floods. I can't wait to cocoon myself in mountains of clothes :) Will be so excited to come down to Canberra in winter so i can actually wear my snood :)

    Your dress is amazing, but it sucks that we aren't close in size cause i'd have teleported that dress all the way to the Gong

    xo Stephanie

  6. Haha I'm the opposite to you - at the moment I'm longing for the cooler weather to start SO bad! Ooh good luck starting your new job! What was your old job and what's your new one? I'm studying law so that's super interesting :)

  7. love the print on your dress :) and your bag!xx

  8. Love how fresh and young this outfit is. Have you ever tried to cut your own fringe? There are some cool youtube videos out there that show you how.

    Happy end of summer and happy new beginnings!

  9. You look beautiful in these pictures, and I love the sunny colors! We're on the opposite seasonal schedule, of course, so we're heading into spring here. Matt and I scheduled two weekend getaways for March that I'm so excited about--one to Tahoe (snow!) and one to Mendocino (wine & serenity!). I want to hear more about your new job, too! What are you doing now, specifically?

  10. that dress, that bag, those flats. all so lovely. your blog is wonderful!!

  11. Hey Megan! I feel like your photos have just improved so much over these last few months, such gorgeous ones these days. I love these! I miss fall but am waiting anxiously for spring :) Sometimes I just feel so bundled up, when it's -30 C you forget about fashion– not that I really know anything to begin with– and just focus on staying warm! :)

  12. This dress is just gorgeous on you - I hope you've kept it and its not a Time After Tea Vintage borrow, or else I'll be buying it for you! Aside from you already looking great it's very flattering. Cute location and props too, I always get so much inspiration from you! Can't wait to see you in a few hours!! xx

  13. Ahhh I love this outfit on you. It still has a summery/spring feel to it with all that colour. I quite like autumn/winter fashion but the weather here really doesn't call for it so it makes me a little sade.

    You hair still looks great. I got my fringe cut again and I do love it but the weather has decided to be hot again so it's sticking to my face and I'm pinning it back anyway. Sigh. Haha. x

  14. Your new fringe looks good! I'm thinking about getting a fringe cut in... but I have a feeling I will just want to grow it back out straight away! I love your dress, the colour is beautiful and I love how you have paired it with yellow :)

    Love, Rachel

  15. I think this is my FAVOURITE outfit on you. Ever. EVER! Love it!

    And lady, when you first said you hated your fringe I was picturing a horrible mess. Your fringe looks great on you! I really like it!

    x Jasmine

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