Tuesday, February 19, 2013

:: On meeting new people ::

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Brendan and I have always been a pretty independent couple - both with our own interests and sometimes different groups of friends. If we have competing events on at the same time we're more then happy to go our separate ways. Whilst I think it is really important to have your own interests and lives, it's also important to do things together so this year I am trying to do more of that.

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This weekend Brendan was heading to the picnic races near Forbes with his work friends and I decided to tag along (other times I may have stayed home and watched reruns of Real Housewives whoops).If you have read this blog for awhile you would know I love going to the races so it wasn't a hard stretch to get me there.
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It was really good to get out and meet new people, I feel like the older you get the less you kind of get out and meet new people. You seem to be more settled and already have well established friendship groups. Blogging has definitely helped me to meet lots of people I would never have otherwise met but it's also good to push myself outside of that sphere too.

Even though I am shy and kind of awkward when I meet new people it was good to challenge myself and do something different. Everyone was really nice and it reminded me that generally people are friendly and that I need to put myself out there more. Plus we had a lot of fun dressing up, dancing and buying watermelons - what more could you want?

How do you go meeting new people?
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  1. I find one glass of champagne loosens me up and I can talk to people with ease. Other wise I am quite shy as well. What was the deal with the watermelons?

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  3. You got me at the right time; this is the phase I am caught up in at the moment, being in a new place and all. I agree with you on trying to put yourself out there to discover new people that are generally nice. I always think the internet has helped me a lot -- we can seek out and get in touch with a few people, then later on meet up in real life. For me, with some cyber communication, I feel that the ice gets broken easier. I am afraid of small talk, in person, so that gets me nowhere if I had to meet people...

  4. I'm really glad you're semi back into the swing of meeting new people. I always find it a bit daunting at first. These past couple of months I've been reaching out to a lot of local people in my area and networking. I surprised myself at how comfortable I was talking to new people. It's great when new friendships form, or even acquaintances. Plus, it looks like you had a fun time! :)

  5. as you would have read I'm struggling to find ways to make friends. Usually I would have joined a netball team but being pregnant and all, can't really. Hoping to think of other ways to get out there and not be a loner

  6. that 2nd photo is gorgeous. i wish my city had more open fields like that. :(

    i meet tons of new people every day at work. unfortunately i don't get more than a few minutes to exchange a few words, but i do find it convenient when trying to work on being more open and friendly. there's always a new person, and if i embarrass myself, oh well, they're leaving and never coming back. i'll know for next time how to approach someone, how to talk to someone of a certain type of personality, how to flirt with a guy (lemme tell ya, i need the work and this place is PERFECT to make mistakes and let them go haha). but then there's the regulars that come in daily. some i don't like, but luckily i like a good majority of them and they've become my good friends. :)

  7. I've only been living here for more than a year and I've been making a conscious effort to meet new people the whole time. I'm also meet old people again, catching up with people I bump into from school for a coffee.

  8. I don't think I make too much of an effort to meet people. I don't have expectations about it - if I do, that's great, if I don't, I take it in my stride as well. My issue is I usually decide if I like someone almost instantly, not always the best thing...

  9. I'm in meeting-new-people central at the moment! It's definitely hard and I tend to get shy which I don't think puts out a great first impression. But I've yet to come across anybody who isn't nice! I always find it a bit hard when I don't click with someone cos I think 'why don't they like me as much as everyone else?', but honestly out of the whatever billion number of people on the planet there's got to be some you're not going to be besties with. I guess I just take it a bit personally sometimes!

    Anyway enough rambling, good on you for getting out there and I'm glad you had such a great weekend! And even if things are awkward at least you've got good friends to laugh about it with :) xx

  10. I totally get what you mean in regards to getting older and meeting new people less and less. It's like you've got an established group of friends, so catch ups always involve them and not new people. But it's good to get out of your comfort zone because you generally end up having a lot of fun!

    x Jasmine


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