Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A minute in March

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 autumn outfit// reading in the park on my lunch break// seafood platter // cold beach trips // coffee and green nails // trying new hairstyles ♥ 

Reading... 'Sarah's Key' by Tatiana de Rosnay, it is the first book for our Canberra Bloggers Book club. I am really enjoying it so far, it is very sad, I usually don't really like sad books but this one definitely sucked me in. 

Watching... the last couple of episodes of 'Girls' - anyone else feel like it has got super intense lately. I mean its always intense but lately it has kind of made me feel quite sad, maybe seeing the deeper issues for the characters is more confronting then the introduction of the characters in the first season.

Addicted... to Pinterest again, I go through phases where I am never on there and then other times I get lost on there for hours. I am currently addicted to home decoration and organisation boards!

Buying... I just had a mini splurge on ASOS but everything I purchased had been on my wishlist for sometime. I am definitely trying to make more sensible wardrobe decisions so had planned out what I was missing for Autumn/Winter this year and stuck to that list which I will be sharing on the blog next week. Oh and ASOS sells TOMS now, which means free shipping to Australia!

Planning... a photoshoot with my sister on the weekend for Time After Tea Vintage, looking forward to adding lots of new stock!

Craving... a malteser easter bunny, I am so addicted to those delicious little chocolates. I was very, very happy when shops started stocking them at the end of January!

Loving... is there anything better then a long weekend? I am so ready for four days off. I am trying to save my annual leave for when we finally go on a holiday (whenever that maybe) so I will be desperately hanging out for all the long weekends this year.

What has been happening with you this March?

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  1. Oh I love the layout of your photos!

    I couldn't watch Girls, I tried but it was too awkward, Thomas has filled me in though and it does sound intense at the moment.

  2. Pintrest! Yes! Ive seriously only just discovered it! It's got my ideas for tattoos going crazy! I'm seriously loving Girls and book clubs! And I'm so excited about ASOS selling Toms! Thanks for the news!

  3. Malteaster bunnies are EVIL. So very evil. All I want to do is eat them ALL!

    This season of Girls has been amazing. Have you seen the last episode yet? I won't say anything just in case you haven't.

  4. can't wait to see the new stock! Happy long weekend xx

  5. I had my first Malteser Easter Bunny today it was so good!!!

  6. There's definately a great deal to know about this issue. I love all of the points you made.

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  7. Oh yum pigs bum, they should sell Malteaster Bunnies all year!

  8. Oh Pinterest, my favourite way to waste time. I could seriously spend hours on that site!

    x Jasmine


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