Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My big Spring clean (in Autumn)

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House hunting is hard guys - any house we like quickly gets snapped up before we even   have a chance to consider buying it. It doesn't help that I have an obsessive personality so am completely consumed by searching for the perfect place. After missing out on another house this weekend I decided that it was time to be more zen about the whole experience and appreciate the lovely home we already have (plus its ultra convenient location that we can't afford to buy in). 

I decided that the first thing I needed to do was a big clean out, followed by a big clean up. I always feel good and more motivated when our space is clean and organised. We're not the kind of people who have a lot of stuff so I was amazed with the amount of stuff we ended up getting rid of - mainly random things that we never use but felt guilty getting rid of - hopefully a lot of this stuff will find hew homes when we drop it at Vinnies. 

However there were things like having over 35 lip balms that made me realise how silly some of my purchases are. It made my resolve to make more sensible purchases that much stronger!

I feel really good after this clean out, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It was so nice to open the pantry and know everything was organised and in date - plus maybe when we do eventually get our own place it will cut down on the work and there is nothing I dislike more then unpacking so I will do anything to cut down on that.

Here are a few clean out tips that I find useful:

- Be methodical, start at one room and go throw every draw, cupboard or other hidy hole. Make piles - throw out, donate, give to friends, move to another room. Take bags to the bin and stuff to the opshop bins as soon as possible so it doesn't sit around for weeks undoing all your hard work. 
- If something only barely survived your last clean out and you haven't used it since then it has to go, take a deep breath and say good bye. 
- We all get gifts that aren't quite our style and we end up storing them away out of guilt why not donate that gift to someone who will truly use it and appreciate it.
- When it come to clothes I have a very hard time letting go, one of my friends said she would happily accept anything I didn't want anymore, for some reason this made it a lot easier to part with things when I knew someone would appreciate it even more. If you have clothes you still like, maybe think about a friend that will love it even more - it will make you happy to see your friend enjoying one of your loved items that isn't your style anymore.
- Lastly from now on whenever I go to bring more stuff in to our house I want to think - does this need to go in the bin? Be filed? Be stored? Rather then just sitting things around the house and dealing with them later when the build up gets out of control!

What are your decluttering tips? 


  1. I see to be the complete opposite of this! I'm an anti-hoarder if anything, if I haven't used anything in over a month I get rid of it.. the simple and de-cluttered life for me! Good luck finding the perfect house lovely :)

    louisejoyb x

  2. I have a 1 in 1 out kind if thing going on. I'm constantly cleaning our my wardrobe, most of my clothes came from the op shop, so I have no fear throwing them out because I have the knowledge that soon I'll find something else.

    Good job cleaning out your how and learning to re-appreciate the house you're in.

  3. I love a good clean out. I find once I start I can't stop until I'm finished! :)

    Good luck with the house hunting! I've heard it helps to go, see and talk with real estate agents when house hunting. To help you get to see houses before they're advertised. Have you tried that?

  4. We've moved into a new place recently. So at least what has been unpacked is organised. However, I am struggling to find some structure and routine. And what I hate...trying to find something you really need and not being able to find it because you forgot where you put it!

  5. We're going to have to remind each other how good we feel after our clean outs next time we feel the need to splurge! Except for our VS shop, that will be different... xx

  6. That is one of the things I really need to do. Well done on cleaning and organising. It's amazing how good it feels when things are organised. I think that's why I feel so out of sorts at the moment. x

  7. The older I get, the more eager I am to get rid of things. We have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF and I love purging . . . I just don't love the time-consuming process of going through everything!

  8. Sigh, I need to do an apartment/life purge so badly. It's hard because we don't have places to put things in our apartment so then I have to put even the things I keep and would use like my stationery back into "storage" which means I'm less likely to use it and then could probably justify getting rid of it, but I really like it and would use it if I had somewhere I could access it... Anyway it's a problem I need to work to solve, especially since it's seeming unlikely we'll be going for a bigger apartment like we had planned.

  9. Awesome tips. I need to get into a better routine with filing / storing. I tend to place things on the table or in the spare room and then they pile up and it becomes an enormously daunting task.

    I'm about to bring all my Winter clothes out and do another reassessment of them. I have some great pieces that I save every year ... and then never wear. I think it's time to be brutal!

    x Jasmine


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