Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sunny side up

 photo b9fda8ad-2e86-4f7b-9c7b-32d9eaf32355_zps1e191753.jpg
dress: felt // scarf: sussans // tshirt: staple

How was you Easter weekend? I ate way too much sugar but seriously how many days of the year can you eat a big chocolate bunny for breakfast, I refuse to miss out on that! Brendan being a kindergarten teacher also means that we currently have an over supply of chocolate in the house and well someone has to eat it.

 photo 8c234ab0-c18d-431d-b345-9f01e05246df_zps3a98a534.jpg

We had a really busy weekend, we headed back to Orange which is both of our home towns and spent our time catching up with our families.It was really nice but I kind of feel like I need another weekend to recover from it all, luckily its a short week and another weekend will be here again soon enough. I plan to catch up on laundry,go house hunting and buy a new tv (we were borrowing a friends which we had to return tonight) just lots of boring housey things that I am unusually excited about catching up on.

 photo 8eedee14-9ce9-433c-8b2a-35c368a26e28_zps388b10d0.jpg

I snapped these photos in Brendan's old room on the weekend, the Autumn sun was perfect at the time. It really is such a lovely time of the year, the trees are all turning yellow and orange and the mornings are crisp and the afternoons warm. We probably have a month left of this before its bitterly cold and I will go on to whinge for the next five months, oh well I will try to enjoy it while I can.

P.S my lovely friend Gracie wrote a fabulous post about enjoying the good things in life now rather then waiting for a special day, it really resonated with me and I think you would like it too!


  1. Love that outfit, mustard is a gorgeous colour on you!

    x Jasmine

  2. Yay for the chocolate overload at this time of year!

  3. Easter was a big weekend, that didn't involve as much chocolate as I would have liked. I'm loving this time of year, where everything is cooling off.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I love this time of year and the beautiful sunlight that comes with autumn.

    I also ate far too much chocolate! :)

  5. I love that last photo of you. Gorgeous.

    It's spring here at last, and I love the blossoms and sunshine. Looking forward to the long, hot days of summer...

    I loved what Gracie wrote too.

  6. You look so pretty in these pictures. Glad you had a good Easter, complete with plenty of chocolate! I ate chocolate (and many other delicious things) on Easter as well, but now I'm sticking to super healthy foods b/c I have to get ready for swimsuit season. I already miss Cadbury eggs!!

  7. That last shot is beautiful, the light is perfect. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  8. Love this recap post! Totally agree with you about weekends - you complain about doing house-y things all weekend, but then when you actually go do something different/fun you feel like you need another whole weekend to recover! :)



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