Friday, June 28, 2013

Links that made me think

 photo 9fc065c8-d209-4e79-8297-3a128693c0ad_zps16e938ff.jpg

‘Swim with Jelly fish’ photo by CheanChong Lim in the National Geographic Traveller Photo Competition 2013

Here is some stories and links that got me thinking this week....

The National Geographic travel photo competition is making me want to pack my bags and head on an adventure.

I tweeted on Wednesday night that world politics was making me a little bit sad this week. From the Texas filibuster (does anyone else think its inhumane to expect someone not to drink water or go to the toilet for 13 hours?) to our own political woes here in Australia. Maybe I am naive and it has always been this way but it seems to me that politicians have lost sight of the huge honour and responsibility it is to represent their people in parliament and are more interested in ensuring their own personal motives are achieved.

For someone who won’t be having babies for a little while yet this article was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the usual biological clock ticking articles. 

Is 20 the sluttiest number? And in stark comparison the story of a woman who chose to stay a virgin until she married at the age of 30 and participated in her cultural virgin sheet ceremony.

One of the first things said to me when I stated that I was sad that Julia Gillard was no longer prime Minister was “Are you sad because she is a woman?”  This article on ‘Playing the gender card’  now seems particularly relevant.

What articles have you read this week that got you thinking?


  1. I really enjoyed this, Megan. I agree. It is hard to make a point about what Gillard did as a woman because others bring up gender. I really admire her.
    I hope you have had a good week.

  2. I looked at those National Geographic photos the other day. They're fabulous and they make me want to get out there and take hundreds of photos!

    I read that article on staying a virgin until she was married (at 30). A friend posted a link on facebook with the comment of 'Just get a knife and fake it', a bit harsh if you ask me. Sure, it may seem weird or odd to us but it's part of her culture and it was sacred to her parents/family that she did what she did.

    Don't even get me started on politics. It's just embarrassing ...

    x Jasmine

  3. I think nobody gave Julia a fair go and they would never treat a male leader the way they treated her.


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