Monday, June 24, 2013

{Wear} Breton stripes

 photo f0627b96-4981-4484-a090-b38f3bf563d7_zps5f9bcff6.jpg
coat & pants: asos // shoes: target // top: sportsgirl // necklace: lovisa 

There have been some exciting changes around here in the shape of a new blog design to hopefully celebrate a fresh start. I really wanted  something simple, whimsical and modern and the lovely Christina pulled it off perfectly. I would definitely recommend her if you are thinking of a blog redesign. We also had the internet connected to our new house on Friday after having to wait for Telstra to come and fix the lines so everything is back in business.

 photo 4321a635-b1ff-4ffc-b39f-7bac7f259cc5_zps6aeee59c.jpg

I am a little obsessed with stripes at the moment, if I walk into a shop I instantly pick up the piece with stripes on it! I justified this top because I didn't have any red stripes yet! There is something about wearing bright colours in winter that makes all this cold and miserable weather a little more bearable. I guess its a preference though because some people love dressing in the darker wintery greys and blacks - what do you prefer?

 photo 61bc4537-908b-44c1-b878-e7f3a0edf5dc_zps78ba52af.jpg

I woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain and I instantly regretted that today was the day I resolved to start going to the gym in the mornings again. I have been really lazy lately and as a result am so unfit, how come it takes so long to get fit but disappears so quickly! Anyway it ends up that I am glad I went to the gym this morning as now I am all snuggled up in bed at 7.30pm blogging and listening to the rain (and maybe fitting in a ridiculous reality tv). I hope you have had a good start to the week!


  1. Oh I love wearing brights in winter too - i find it just brightens up the gloomy weather and my mood! And lately Ive been gravitating to stripes too - they are just so addictive! Have a great week Megan :)

  2. I definitely love winter dressing. My absolute favourite of all time. Although, i need to start learning summer dressing as it gets so hot here. I need to add some stripes to my wardrobe. I am always drawn to stripe skirts

    On another note, i need to talk myself into working out in the mornings

    xo Stephanie

  3. Love the new design!

    I've been so bad about getting up to exercise in the mornings lately. It's just too cold and grey!

  4. Love the red coat, and the striped tee looks right up my alley. Need to check out Sportsgirl. The new blog design looks fantastic too! x

  5. I love stripes all the time. and I love your new design it's beautiful!

    i think i basically dress the same all the times of the year. I'm so boring.

  6. I love Breton stripes, especially in red!

  7. OH NO, the gym! I haven't gone back to the gym yet but I have started doing Sunday free yoga. I want to try to get into better shape, I can definitely appreciate your sentiment on how quickly it seems to disappear. I adore red coats and need a new one for the fall, my old one was about 7 years old and pretty ratty :( You look gorgeous in yours though! It's always funny watching the opposite seasons on Australian blogs.

  8. Love this outfit! I'm a stripes lover too. I always gravitate towards them.

    I wear brights during Winter to make the days seem more alive. Yesterday it was a bright yellow cardigan :)

    x Jasmine


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