Sunday, June 16, 2013

{Wear} Maroon on maroon

 photo ff986f98-994e-4b7f-ba20-e51f4ae23c2e_zpsa0a5c8c4.jpg
coat & trousers: asos // shoes: jo mercer // shirt: target

The last week has been a complete whirlwind but a fun and exciting whirlwind nether the less.  Last Saturday we officially moved in to our new little home, in my naiveté I completely forgot what a huge job moving is and how long it actually takes to move everything and then clean the house that your leaving. But we are all in now and it so nice to know that this space is ours to do with what we like - I mean I can put a hook in the wall anywhere I like - completely crazy right? I can't wait to share it with you as it starts to come together!

 photo 7f58140b-9515-48df-8872-cbec9a28632a_zpsda0eaf84.jpg
 photo 1c573a55-e214-49c4-9076-3e56e26881f0_zps3101b96b.jpg

I see people wearing all one colour and think they look absolutely fabulous so thought I would give it ago. I am not sure if I am there quite yet, my shades are a little off and maroon is an odd colour to completely cover yourself in, but it's fun trying to pull off this kind of look. I wore this outfitthe day before the first state of origin to be exact which of course got lots of comments about being a QLD supporter. To be honest I didn't even think about it but am glad I didn't wear it on actual origin day being surrounded by hardcore NSW supporters.

 photo 258113d2-06a3-486c-bb50-c7eab1a1d421_zps03e9901f.jpg

I wanted to say thank you for the comments on my last post it was really comforting to know you guys were still there. Today I have been madly catching up with peoples blogs as I barely turned on my computer over my little break. Also I am getting a crazy amount of spam lately so might have to turn word verification on which I really don't want to do - any other ways of stopping the spam?

I am back to work tomorrow after 10 days off so am going to try and get an early night to ease the pain of Monday morning!! I hope you have an easy start to the week too.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Also I really love this top and belt, I think the outfit works (but am probably not the best person to ask!)

    So glad you guys are all moved in and hopefully the stressful bit is over. Yay for being a homeowner, can't wait to see more photos.

    I would prefer comment moderation to captcha, I hate that thing so much. You can only turn on catchpa for older posts as I think those are the ones that get more spam... overall just glad I switched to wordpress :)

  2. whoops, look like you already did the approval thing ;)

    1. Hehe yup, better to just annoy myself then people leaving a comment!

  3. Love your maroon on top of maroon! I think you are pulling it off. Congratulations on moving into your new home. Decorating and owning your own space is so much fun. Excited to see how your home comes together. :)

  4. super cute! LOVE your hair and may just be a wee bit jealous xx

  5. I love your outfit and I think the blue coat looks fabulous with it.

    Hope your first day back isn't too painful.

  6. I have that exact same blouse AND i wore it to work today! Random I know.

  7. Putting a hook on the wall wherever you want?!? That's crazy! And I have yet to try that for myself -- I'm afraid I'd bee too afraid to permanently put something up, after all these years of renting... Isn't it ironic?

  8. This is just lovely! Congrats on the move, they're always a nightmare but it's worth it when it's for somewhere you want to be :)

  9. You already know that I think you dress beautifully, but I don't think I've ever told you just how much I adore that belt! xoxox

  10. Love that top! you look gorgeous my dear.


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