Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Decorate} Lounge room

 photo 57bc4b3c-fdc7-451b-8dc3-dbbe75b52855_zpsdfe46c48.jpg
Buffet, lounge, lamp & grey pillow :: freedom // Vintage map :: typo (thanks to Katyha) // Typograhy poster : Seattle Show posters // colourful pillow : jumbled

Since moving into our place I have become a little addicted to all things decor and furniture related. It is still a novelty that we can paint the walls any colour we like or put hooks in the wall to hang pictures. We currently have zero money for decorating or updating our furniture so are saving to buy a few new things in the future but am also trying to think of ways to do things ourselves. I have decided to concentrate on one room at a time and first is the lounge room.

I decided to create the above idea board to see how all the things I have going around in my head look together because I really have no idea when it comes to decorating. I want to invest in neutral big item pieces like lounge, coffee table and tv unit so that we can have them for ages and then have more fun with smaller pieces like pillows and throws!

I am obsessed with yellow so am hoping to make that the splash of colour in the room. I would also really like an "art" wall. I have been collecting pieces that I like for years now and cant wait to start putting them up. I am excited for working on this over time and am reminding myself it doesn't need to be done all at one time and hunting down the perfect pieces for our home will be half the fun.

Do you have any interior design tips? Or have any blog/book recommendations? I am really excited to get more into it.


  1. Your lounge room is going to look so good, it's such a great space, and I think the perfect one to start with! I really like that tv unit, it's beautiful!

    As for design tips, I'm not very helpful, my motto for most things in life at the moment is "Make a pintrest board about it"... But I think your house will look great whatever you decide to do with it!


  2. Ahh how exciting ! I love home decor. We've been living in our apartment for three years now so it's pretty much all decked out. However I still try and add stuff here and there - its just too much fun. Neutral items are a great base for any room, and it makes it so easy to change up the colours of the room, by changing cushions, rugs and wall art. I'm constantly on Pinterest looking for inspiration for my next home decor update! Enjoy decorating your lounge room xx

  3. So exciting!
    My tip would be to check out your local secondhand furniture stores and also garage sales. You can often find some great pieces of furniture (for cheap). It can take a while but if you have the time the wait for the perfect piece is worth it.

  4. Love that vintage map - I may be getting a real one from a University!

  5. Ever year when the block finishes Hubby lets me redesign a bedroom. I love it!!!

  6. I love that typo map, might have to pop in and get one! All those pieces look great together.

  7. Looks beautiful! I think the grey couch is perfect.

  8. We've been living in our house for over three years and it still doesn't have enough of 'us' in it. I think it's because there are no photos or paintings on the walls. That's our next goal. I can't wait to see how your house turns out!

    x Jasmine


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