Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{Wear} Just the details

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shoes:: fsw // jeans :: jeanswest // jacket :: target // top :: betty // sunglasses :: chloe // necklace :: lovisa

Look at me doing things I say I am going to do like getting more use out of this jacket. The lovely Gemma tweeted me the other night saying that I should pair this jacket with my boyfriend jeans and a stripey top, not one to shy away from the advice of one of the best dressed ladies I possibly know, I tried it out asap and by george it worked - that Gemma knows what she is talking about.

I am feeling really tired and run down today, it has been creeping up on me the last couple of days and then today I just seem to have crashed. I got home from work and laid in bed watching Bridezillas for two hours, then I managed to move to the couch for the last two hours, blah no energy. I am going to try and leave this Sunday completely free of plans to lounge around the house and just catch up on boring housey stuff and hopefully recharge the batteries. Going to head to bed early now and fingers crossed wake up a little more bright tomorrow, any tips on beating these winter blues would be much appreciated.


  1. That necklace is lovely and I love how you've done your hair!

  2. Love your outfit, it looks really cute. I hope you feel better soon, grab yourself some me time!

  3. The winter blues are hard. It's been so weird weather-wise where I am at the moment. One day it's brilliantly sunny and warm and the next it's grey and freezing, which makes it hard to adapt but for me… the key is getting outside and enjoying some of the sunshine. When it's there!

  4. Love this outfit, it has a great androgynous feel about it while still being girly.

    I'm finding exercise really helps beats the Winter blues at the moment. It really lifts my mood.

    x Jasmine


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