Monday, July 8, 2013

{Wear} sparkly cardigans & polka dot skirts

 photo IMG_2055_zpsc8721607.jpg
shoes: target // skirt : quirky circus // cardigan: fang // belt: betsey johnson // watch: fossil

This weekend was really quiet, so quiet I was easily in bed by 10.30pm every night. Not that I am complaining, its nice to have relaxed weekends every once and awhile, one with no plans so you can have spontaneous brunch dates, long hot baths and tend to a guy with man flu. I did also enjoy a yummy Italian potluck dinner with friends on Saturday night to which I contributed a Nigella Nutella cake which was all sorts of out of control as you can imagine a whole jar of nutella and block of dark chocolate would be!

 photo 1156e431-6a40-4320-92e7-05d1ad04929e_zpsc4a42b41.jpg

 photo 220d2529-c1d6-40ef-9fa0-477099d4eac3_zps33bd75f1.jpg

I bought this cardigan last weekend when I was at home from a local boutique, Iglou. They had a huge winter sale on so my timing was perfect. I have already worn the cardigan three times! I love the way it falls as it is gathered at the sides making it a really flattering fit. I also love the sparkles throughout it, they are hard to capture in photos but glimmer in certain light.
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps6bb96676.jpg
This is my last purchase for a little while, hopefully 10 weeks, as we are going to Melbourne for a wedding in September and I am going to try and save my pennies until then plus flights from Canberra to Melbourne are ridiculous, bring back Tiger I say. I currently have a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe so hopefully this  ban makes me utilise and re-purpose the things I already have and think about my purchases a little more in the future.


  1. Ooo! I like the sunset lighting, and catching glimpses of your new background :) What a cute skirt. Here's to repurposing and finding new love in your wardrobe!

  2. gorgeous photos I love the first one in particular. my weekend was the opposite of relaxing so I am quite jealous!

  3. Sparkly cardigans are the best. Very pretty outfit. Reminds me a little of the 90s… the good 90s! :)

  4. Love the skirt - where is it from? Would you be interested in some clothes swapping? I'm now a stay-at-home-Mum at have found that I really need to change up my wardrobe but don't have the cash... I'm thinking about bringing a group of people together to bring clothes they no longer want to swap for images that other people have...

    Shari from

    1. Hi Shari,

      That sound like a great idea! I would definitely be interested. I had a big clean out 6 weeks ago so might need some time to get a few things together!

      The skirt is from myer a few seasons ago :)

  5. Beautiful skirt! I hope the spending ban goes well! :)

  6. i love your skirt and the nigella nutella cake sounds amazing! x

  7. What a lovely cardigan. Most folk skip on the sparkles in Summer which is a shame, I still think they look pretty in the sunlight.

    You look lovely.


  8. Beautiful skirt! & that Nutella cake sounds amazing!

  9. Love this outfit, you look great! Hopefully you can keep up with your shopping ban, because shopping in Melbourne is totally worth it.

    x Jasmine


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