Monday, July 1, 2013

{Wear} Trench coat & boyfriend jeans

 photo trench1_zps7b8cce1f.png
coat: target // shoes: jo mercer // jeans: jeanswest // belt: forever new // top: kmart // bag: tressle

At the start of Autumn I decided that my wardrobe was missing two essential pieces a trench coat and a pair of boyfriend jeans and four months later I have definitely got my fair share of wear out of these two items, especially paired together. I searched for the trench for week and was beginning to think I was going to have to save up a small fortune for one I actually liked until I stumbled on this one in Target on sale for $60, another reason why I love the red spot boutique. However this was the last time I wore this top as straight after this I accidentally put it in the wash with orange towels that hadn't been washed before, my white stripes are now tie-dyed orange. 

This weekend we headed home to celebrate Brendan's 'birthday, his cousin's 21st and his gorgeous little nieces 1st birthday. It was really nice to be surrounded by family, even though our families are only three hours away (and my sister five) I still miss having them close by, and the feeling only seems to get stronger the older I get but for now busy, crazy, fun weekends with them will have to see us through.


  1. A trench is such a great investment! I still haven't found the perfect one but it would definitely be something like this one :) Clean and crisp! Love the new look of your blog by the way, it's very pretty :)

    1. It took me awhile to find the tight one :) Oh thank you I just wanted something simple, I love it.

  2. Adorable look, you make jeans so classy with your heels! Sounds like a lovely weekend. I live quite far away from my family but my mom made the 14 hour (one way) drive to visit this weekend so I was quite spoiled :)

    Also can't wait for us to get Target!

    1. Oh my gosh that is a huge drive!! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend together x

  3. Great outfit and the orange with blue stripes could possibly still work?

    1. It didnt dye the top evenly so it just looks a bit cheap and ridiculous unfortunately :(

  4. Love this outfit! Wish I had an excuse to wear heels with my boyfriend jeans. Hahaha 'the red spot boutique' - love it! :)

  5. Why don't i EVER find anything at Target? I think that store and I are born enemies. I have certainly work my trench and boyfriend jeans to death. Although my jeans always tend to look like slim/skinny jeans thanks to my lovely hips

    xo Stephanie

    1. I always find bargains at Target, one of my fave places to shop. It took me awhile to find the right boyfriend jeans, I am well endowed in the hip/bum area :)

  6. I love the look of boyfriend jeans but they just don't suit short people like me :( They make me look even shorter and make my legs look stumpier. You look gorgeous though. I love the outfit with the trench coat too. x

    1. Thanks Gracie! It took awhile to find ones that suit me as sometimes they acentuate my hips and bum too much.

  7. Love it, now I've got another thing to add to my wishlist, the trench coat. They are just so chic and good for anything of the day wear.
    Thank you so much for checking out my blog, it means a lot.xx

  8. Is the trench coat warm? They always look so stylish, but as I'm function before fashion kind of girl I have so many questions :)

    Plus in John Cusack movies, his trench coat never keeps him particularly dry :)

    I hate when I dye clothes in the wash...when will I ever learn?

  9. Not overally warm but I mainly wear it on days where I dont want to wear a full on coat so it probably won't get much wear in winter but perfect for Autumn and Spring :)

    I really should know better too!

  10. Love the boyfriend jeans/trench coat combination! My boyfriend jeans have turned into my painting jeans... I should really do something about that!

  11. Love this outfit! I'm a sucker for a stripey top and a cute trench :)

    x Jasmine

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