Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Life} Learning to enjoy my own company

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I wrote, a little while ago, about how I was enjoying quieter weekends and trying to enjoy the pleasure of having no plans. Part of that is working on enjoying my own company more and relying less on being surrounded by people to feel fulfilled. It probably sounds silly to some people but since I was little I have always felt the need to be surrounded by people. I always love the idea of having time to myself and then after a few hours am ready for company again.

I struggled with my quiet weekend plans this week, I was just downright bored to be honest. A lot of my friends were out of town, Brendan was busy and I was left trying to figure out what to do with myself. This mainly consisted of walking around the house aimlessly protesting about how bored I was.

By Sunday afternoon I decided to get out of my funk and go explore a nearby walking track at Mt Rogers that I have been wanting to go to for a few weeks but had been waiting to take someone with me. It was such a beautiful walk and the views of Canberra were probably my personal favourites.

I thought about it while I was walking and realised how important it is to just be alone sometimes and be comfortable in that aloneness. I mean you need to be comfortable with yourself in order to be your best self to the people around you. The walk is really only meant to be about 25 minutes but it took me 45 minutes. I stopped and took lots of photos and explored little pathways without having to worry about holding anyone up and I really had a good time on my “me date”.


  1. There is something so lovely about having time to spend on your own, sometimes.

  2. It is important to enjoy your company; I feel, if you don't enjoy your own company, how or why would someone else do the same? ;)

    I'm quite the opposite of you -- after a short while hanging out with someone, I'm ready to be alone...

  3. This makes so much sense to me. Great post! I once got labelled an introvert during some psychometric tests and my colleagues laughed because I'm so bubbly. But the truth is in order to be around people I need lots of time alone. It's where I gather my energy and balance from, and that's what defines you as an introvert or extrovert :) x

  4. Gorgeous photos.
    "Me time" is one of the most important things. In my opinion anyway! ;) Getting out, walking and enjoying the views is a great way to think and clear the head.


  5. Me time is one of the most important things you can give yourself. We all try and fight it by keeping up with busy schedules, but when you get a chance to relax in your own company it is so rewarding.

  6. I can totally relate to this, try and enjoy your alone time and I will try as well.

  7. Gah, time alone. It terrifies me but it is SO important. I am much better at it now that I have a fur baby- that still counts right? Instead of filling my alone time with checking out what everyone else is up to on Facebook I try to just focus on spending time with him; enjoying patting him rather than absentmindedly doing so whilst thinking about other things and I feel better because of it but it is still an effort to choose alone time

  8. Oh, you must be an extrovert! Extroverts need the company of others, in the same way that an introvert needs time alone. So, it's certainly not strange for you to feel energised and "fulfilled" by being surrounded by people. I am the complete opposite - I prefer my own company. :)

  9. I was very similar to you as well. I get way to used to my family and boyfriend being around all the time that when he goes away to work and they are busy I am lost. I have really had to work on figuring out how to be by myself and after a few years I can say I really enjoy it now.


  10. Gorgeous photographs, I completely understand what you mean though, it's so nice to get a little 'me time' but that's just it...a little. I find I get my break to myself and then I'm bored again and in need of company, should find yourself a fun voluntary project or something you've always wanted to do like take up a type of dancing etc? :) x

    The Little Things

  11. I think it's lovely that you decided to go for a walk yourself and took time for you. I need to do more of these me dates. The most I do is shop by myself but I never go out and have a coffee on my own. You've inspired me to have more me dates. xx

  12. Ah, so you're an extrovert! Nothing wrong with that lady! I'm from a family of extroverts and am married to an introvert. I'm kind of smack-bang in the middle, leaning a little towards the extrovert side. I used to crave noise and company, but since being married and coming home to an empty house (I finish way before Mr LG) I've learnt to love the silence as well.

    x Jasmine

  13. Totally feel ya hun. I feel the most energised around people. I've recently become more comfortable with being alone and heck is it empowering. Its hard at times but like you said, it's important :) gorgeous shots.

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