Monday, August 12, 2013

{Lifestyle} Embracing the quiet weekend

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The last two weekends I have made a real effort to not over plan or try and cram too much into my weekend. I find that I try and fit so many things in that by Sunday night I sit back wondering if I had a weekend at all. It really doesn’t leave much room for being able to be spontaneous and take up last minute offers from friends or just to enjoy doing nothing  - which is what a weekend should be about. Quite a few of our friends and all of our family live far away and the only time we can get together is weekends but too many weekends in a row of travelling can be exhausting.

The last two weekends have been so good and I feel like I have woke up on Monday feeling a lot more refreshed and ready for the week ahead rather then still recovering from the weekend.

This weekend I slept in, got washing done while the sun was out, went for a big walk with a friend and then enjoyed a slow lunch in the (uncharacteristic of Canberra in August) sun without having to worry about running to anything else. I popped in to friends houses just to say hi and got into bed at 7.30pm on Saturday night and watched back to back episodes of 'Orange is the new Black'. I woke up on Sunday morning and went out for breakfast with a friend. It was just the right mix of being out and about but also having time to myself.

I am one of those people who kind of freaks out when their alone for too long. I start to think about what I should be out doing instead or have the urge to immediately text someone to hang out. It sounds pretty silly when I read this back but the last two weekends have definitely taught me to start enjoying having downtime more often and just enjoying my own company.

It was so nice to have free time to do whatever I felt like, I will always love having a  busy weekend organised but am going to try and purposefully plan more weekends that are completely (well nearly) free of any plans, it’s nice to be spontaneous or just do nothing at all.

Do you over plan your weekends or try to keep them low key? I love hearing these little details about peoples life.


  1. Oh God, I am a way over-planner. I often write times next to things like going to the gym. Downtime is so important for health, I really need to work on that.
    PS. I love your pictures in this post, the breakfast one particularly- I love the dappled light and I want those purple shoes!

  2. I love quiet weekends! So I always try to not plan too much, but sometimes you just can help it, plans just happen ;)

  3. My weekends are definitely of the low key variety but I'm heading to Melbourne for the next one to catch up with old friends. :)

    How great is 'Orange is the new black'? I've been watching back to back episodes of it too and constantly have Regina's theme song in my head.


  4. Overplanning weekend's is one of my worst habits too, this one just past was so big with a trip away that I have had to take today off work as well to recover hehe. Glad you are starting to enjoy time by yourself though as it really is the best way to recharge.

  5. I always try to keep my weekends as low key as possible. I love not leaving the house all weekend sometimes. I think everyone needs time to rejuvenate by themselves - but then again, it depends if you're an extrovert or an introvert really :)

    x Jasmine


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