Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{ Wear } Wardrobe sneak peek

 photo 010c2a9b-2e68-416b-b196-ad7a6abd9cf6_zps45cd810b.jpg

 photo da5caf13-5c77-4a93-ad7f-42e7c91120e4_zpsfaaec11a.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps523deec6.jpg

 photo 03cfe52d-d901-44a5-b820-b372f24a8cde_zpsf210ad66.jpg

 photo 9cd4caa3-3b1c-4323-9605-b8ad1cff792f_zps77536cf2.jpg

 photo 7d73ba88-9a82-4202-a31c-5384ca45c771_zpsa0614c7a.jpg

Over the last two weeks I have completely culled my wardrobe, it feels really good to have less, not something I thought I would say about clothes, but I guess I might be growing up! I realise now that having a good wardrobe is not about having one over spilling with clothes but having pieces that you love that work well together.

Since our spare room was completely empty I turned it into a makeshift walk in wardrobe this weekend (Brendan hasn't commented on the new development yet, I am sure he is saving it up for when he wants to do some crazy house thing like the pool table in the dining room that he is pushing for). Having less and having it well organised is making it really easy to put new outfits together, I am realising the full potential of the clothes I already own.

I am quickly appreciating how much I prefer to have things I love then a lot of things that I kinda like or don't wear very often - having too much kind of hides all the good stuff. Its also not about having lots of new things but having old things that new pieces can easily work with. A lot of the things I kept I have been wearing for years. A lot of the things I sold/donated were things I bought on a whim, that would never fit in with the clothes that I already owned or just didn't suit my body type, such a silly waste really.

I love clothes but am aiming to make more sensible decisions when it comes to shopping and building a wardrobe that works for years to come and to appreciate and work what I have.


  1. Oh I should really do this but I am so bad at clearing out.

  2. what a great attitude to have about clothes! I don't really have too much clothing but I have a hard time finding lasting pieces, I tend to buy all my clothes at old navy and wear them until they fall apart :) I never look very stylish!

  3. ughhh can I just have your wardrobe please?! It all looks so lovely, all those pretty patterns too! I dream of the day I can turn a spare room into a walk in wardrobe ha x

    The Little Things

  4. I did the same thing a few months a go. It makes life so much easier because you can find things and know exactly what goes with what.

    1. Its sooo good, wish I did it ages ago. Its amazing how much crap I was holding onto.

  5. Such a good idea using the spare room.. But good luck with the pool table haha.

    It's true though, I always end up wearing my old faithfuls


    1. oh gosh I need it. I really dont want that pool table in the dining room.

  6. I really need to do this with my wardrobe. I have so many pieces that are unwearable either because they're old or don't match with anything else!

  7. Oh! I love that polka dot skirt (the white and black one) I have a top that's pretty much the same, I wonder if they could be worn together?! And I do love those navy/white polka dot pants you bought - I have a skirt from Gorman and love love love it! xoxox

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