Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{Wellbeing} August goals :: skincare & myfitnesspal

I have decided that for each month, until the end of 2013, I am going to make little goals to hopefully improve my lifestyle and well being. Just simple things that will hopefully become good habits and make a big difference to my health in the years to come.

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My first goal is to record my food and exercise every day using myfitnesspal. Not necessarily for weight loss but to be more aware of what I am eating and how much exercise I am doing. Like I found out yesterday that even though my breakfast is pretty healthy (muesli, a mix of fruit and greek yoghurt) it has 500 calories, which is a third of my allocated calories. I got into some really healthy habits last year and think I have been in denial about how much I have slipped since then my weight has been stable but my energy levels have been pretty blah so I really want to start eating better again.

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My second goal for this month is to get into a daily skincare routine. I have been pretty lucky and never had really bad acne or problem skin but lately I have had really yucky breakouts that make me somewhat self conscious. I think a big factor is hormones but also not having a skincare routine that I stick too (even though my mum has encouraged this since I was like 14). I am trying QV cleanser and moisturiser and am hoping to see results from using simple products and being consistent. I am going to cleanse and moisturise every day and exfoliate every couple of days and hope for the best.

Do you have any health and/or well being goals for this month? Or any tips to help me get into these new habits?


  1. I love this idea! I think having smaller, achievable goals is such a good way to stay motivated.

    The things I've been trying to work on recently are being more productive with my time, I have found myself procrastinating a lot lately, I need to make a to-do list and just do it! Also I need to work on my fitness, the gym keeps emailing me and telling me that they miss me... Oh dear!

    I think I've shared most of my skincare tips with you, but for breakouts avoid water that is too hot and any products that give you that squeaky clean feeling, you don't want to strip your skin, and consistency is key, my skin has been a bit high maintenance lately too...

    Looking forward to hearing how these go! Xx

  2. How good is my fitness pal, I love using the scanner.

    It's crazy how even though foods are healthy, a combination of them can work out to be a lot more calories than expected.

    Hopefully you achieve all your goals this month :)


  3. Great idea! I really need to keep track of my eating and fitness habits better. My system of going for a walk and then rewarding myself with a piece of chocolate doesn't always work out for the best. ;)

    It seems to be a thing that has occurred more as I've gotten older but I have a regular morning skincare routine. I always wash my face with a cleanser (or a scrub about two times a week) with cold water then moisturise afterwards. The cold water was something my nan taught me and it definitely puts a natural rose in your cheek, especially in winter!


  4. Funnily enough I only discovered my fitness pal yesterday and suddenly it seems to be popping up everywhere! I'm totally addicted to keying in all my foods and activities and finding out what it all means, and I think it's really good to be aware of what we're doing to our bodies!
    Also you know where to find me if you need advice or some great skincare products - I would definitely recommend a masque of some sort once a week to draw out all the baddies and keep you hydrated xx

  5. I love the idea of monthly goals! I've really got into skincare over the last year. I've been loving more natural products and I've found some great (and affordable!) options just at Priceline :)


  6. Such a good idea. I'm trying to quit Facebook but maybe if I just make a little pocket of the day that would be more manageable (most of my buds are 1700km away is my excuse).
    QV is great but I 'invest' in Simplicité (http://www.simplicite.com.au/) because they are awesome products and if I am spending a little more I am more likely to use them. I do not work for the company or have any connection to them I should add- I just started using them because they were local (when I lived in Qld) and natural and ID requests continued for longer than I thought they would:)

  7. Good luck with your goals, I think it's a great idea! I really need to get myself into a skincare routine, and I keep telling myself how important it is but I just keep getting in a funk and staying up until ridiculous hours and forgetting about it. I'm going to have to snap out of it and get a move on, my skin is especially bad for breakouts in the winter! x

  8. Great idea chick. My fitness pal is awesome for tracking what you eat and getting an idea of really how 'healthy' foods are .

  9. What's your My Fitness Pal username? Let's be friends!

    x Jasmine


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