Monday, September 16, 2013

{Decorate} An update on our home

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yellow lamp and small bottles :: freedom // chairs :: vintage, reupholstered by Tango and James // bookshelf :: vintage // elephant print & swinging chair :: jumbled // bedding :: kip & co 
All photos are taken by me, except for the last photo which is from the Kip & Co website.

I am having so much fun decorating our new home but it really is a lessen in patience as it appears I have champagne taste on a beer budget. So I am slowly figuring out what I want/like and lay-bying one thing at a time, paying it off and starting on the next. I am also mixing this with vintage/second hand pieces where I can - like the bookshelf in the background that my grandfather made 50 years ago or the bar cart in my garage that is waiting for a coat of new paint.

My favourite thing that has entered our space is these vintage chairs that were reupholstered by Lisa from Tango and James. These lounges are in our dining room as I am trying to create a space that people can retire to after dinner to have a drink and chat or a quiet corner to read in during the day. The bar cart will also go in this space and I am thinking of painting it a pearly white - what do you think?

So what is on my wishlist? Well I am so torn about having a hanging chair, I have fears of someone sitting in it and the roof completely collapsing on them, but I really love how they look. The one pictured above is from one of my favourite homewares stores Jumbled. The elephant print is also from there and was drawn by Andrew Howells who studied elephants at Taronga zoo for a number of years - I am hoping to have this hanging above our bed one day.

Finally I am just hanging out for some Kip and Co bedding (family if you are reading this my birthday isn't far away). I love each and every design but think the lighter colours are a little more relaxing for the bedroom - I am still kicking myself for not grabbing something in their end of autumn/winter sale - hoping they will do the same thing at the end of Summer.

As you can see any method to my decorating that I thought I might have when I wrote this post in July has completely flown out the window and I am kind of getting things as I find them and hopefully one day (probably ten years from now) it will all come together!

What are your fave homeware stores? Is there any homey things on your wishlist?


  1. I can't wait to see your home. I love those hanging chairs and dream of having one in my yard. At the moment I'm trying to find a vintage writing desk (or even a reproduction one I'm getting desperate). I wouldn't mind a new bed too :)

  2. for a second I thought these were of your home and i was insanely jealous haha I love those chairs and that lamp, my house needs more yellow haha hope your house is amazing xox

  3. oh wait those are in your house. yep! jelly. I was confused, sorry hun xo

  4. I love what you have done with that room it looks so bright and fresh and I am in love with the reupholstered lounge.

  5. I adore your chairs and bookcase, they work so well in that space and I think the addition of your bar cart will be perfect!

  6. OMG I love those chairs! Tango and James is my favourite store holder at the Handmade markets. They look amazing in your home.

    That elephant print is also beautiful. Definitely an investment piece!

    I didn't know about Kip and Co till now. Uh oh... I already have a linen obsession so this could prove to be an expensive discovery!

    Home decorating can be a very slow process... but the end result is totally worth it. Would love to visit your beautiful home one day! xx

  7. i LOVE those chairs you had reupholstered! they are stunning! I love freedom furniture, west elm etc.... generally this kind of look:

  8. I love the things you've gotten so far. I certainly relate to having a champagne taste on a beer budget :) I counteract that by continuously saving even when i don't have anything in mind to buy at the moment

    xo Stephanie

  9. I love your room with those pops of yellow!

    My favourite stores are antique stores. Our house is almost 100 years old and most of our furniture is even older than that :)

    x Jasmine

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