Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{Wear} Black and white and red all over

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shoes :: florsheim // coat & pants :: asos // top :: betty // bracelets :: popbasic // belt :: sussans

Obviously took these photos before the big chop but never got around to posting them. Sometimes I take outfit photos and don't really like them, then I look back at them and think ah what the hell their not that bad. I was playing with the focus in these photos so they are a little blurry but I guess that's the thing about photography you have to try new things to see what works and what doesn't.

This is kind of my standard work outfit - classic pieces mixed with colour - always colour! It has actually been raining here for the last three days so colour is a necessity to get through the dreary days.

We are heading off to Melbourne this weekend and I am beyond excited - I have already packed my bag in anticipation. I have planned every single meal that we are eating - Brendan thinks my micro-management of our food intake is beyond bizarre but I am not willing to risk a mediocre meal when there is so many good restaurants and cafes in Melbourne - I know I am obsessed. So far on the list is Mamasitas, Gingerboy, Trunk and Manchester Press. I am already salivating thinking about it all -I will definitely be reporting back.

Wow, I think I am nearly more excited about food then shopping... nearly!

Is anyone watching 'The Bachelor Australia'? Oh gosh I am such a sucker for a reality tv show, I watched one of the American Bachelors years and years ago and am now completely addicted to the Australian version. Sometimes I cringe with embarrassment at some of the things the girls say or do but most of the time its good to zone out to. Let me know if you are into it and we can gossip together!


  1. Reality TV does that to us -- it's so bad we have to watch it for the gossips :)

    Have fun in Melbourne. Incidentally, I'm just the opposite of you -- I'll just eat whatever and wherever the wind takes me! :)

  2. I have been flicking from Big Brother to The Bachelor some of the girls on The Bachelor are so full on! I could never be on that program it would just feel wrong, grasping at trying to get his attention.

  3. I'm loving your smart style at the moment. You look gorgeous.
    I wish I had planned our meals on our last trip to Melbourne - we went into the city and couldn't find anywhere decent to eat and ended up tired and annoyed and plonked ourselves down in Degraves Street at a random cafe but I would have loved to have had some go-to places. I hope you have a lovely time and I won't blame you if you over-Instagram your food!

  4. I'm sad you don't have tie for a catch up! If you need a tour guide, just let me know. :-)

  5. Oooh, where are you staying? My tips are Huxtable for burgers, Hardware Societe for breakfast. If you are near North Melbourne at all there is the best Irish pub with earth-shatteringly good steak and chips called The last Jar. Babka in Fitzroy has brilliant almond croissants and amazing pizza can be found at +39 pizzeria in the city or DOC pizza and mozzarella in Faraday St in Carlton. Oh, and have a glass of wine at City Wine shop in Spring St:)

  6. I've never heard of the Bachelor Australia might have to google it!
    Love your shoes :)
    Have a great day!♥ xo

  7. What a great outfit. I love the neckline on that top!

    x Jasmine

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