Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spring makeup look by Zoe from 'Notes from a twenty something'

My friend Zoe has always been my make-up guru, that girl know whats what when it comes to makeup and skincare and I am really excited that we were able to collaborate and produce this spring make up look. To be fair Zoe did most of the work while I listened and learnt new skills.

I love the look Zoe came up with - the natural makeup look is very me as I don't often wear a lot of makeup but the bright pop of colour on the lips definitely made me feel ready for warmer weather. I will hand over to Zoe to explain how she created this look.

 photo 6854a741-648f-4002-928b-06b809562448_zps5177df40.jpg

 photo 245bd248-0af4-4be6-9e79-ddfa46900cc1_zpsf49cf0a5.jpg

I love doing make up for other people, it's so fun to think about what colours and styles they would like and what would suit them. When I think of Megan's style I think of bright, fun colours and what better time to add some more colour than Spring. I also know that Megan isn't the sort of person who would feel comfortable wearing lots of make up so we didn't do anything too heavy or dark.

 photo 19eb9c95-87b0-44bd-9cec-b5aaac8eba43_zpsdafb8709.jpg

 photo 570f2e75-9ff0-4132-870b-0ba9e2699c37_zps01e1680e.jpg

We started off with the Dior SkinFlash primer, it's one of my favourites, it's really lightweight and brightens the skin. Megan has great skin so I wanted to keep the foundation quite light I used a really small amount of Revlon ColorStay whipped foundation just down the centre to even out the skin tone.

 photo 872fae0b-3f1d-4287-833f-ea84f6923695_zps1417b234.jpg

I wanted the lips to be the feature and I used my favourite lipstick which is Muse by Hourglass, it is a beautiful bright coral and looked amazing on Megan. I wanted to keep the eyes fairly neutral but felt that browns would tone down the look too much so I used some muted purple colours mixed with a matte brown to create a neutral eye that had a bit of a difference. For this we used the Dior palette in Stylish Move and the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. A dash of mascara and the eyes were done. For the cheeks I used the famous NARS Laguna followed by their Orgasm blush, it was just enough to add a bit of dimension without looking too "done".

 photo 46eb7265-68f4-47de-a03c-5e46d4840403_zps2dbc2eb0.jpg

I think this is a great look for Megan because I think the colour reflects her personality and is subtle enough that she could wear it with some bright Summery clothes but would also work well with neutrals too. A little eyeliner and a thicker coat of mascara and this could easily transform into an evening look too!

She was a beautiful model and it we had such a fun afternoon hanging out and chatting about lip colours and life in general. Thank you Megan!

 photo 7abd18e9-0fe2-4c9b-894a-184d99c70eea_zps14b49341.jpg

Thank you so much for sharing Zoe, I really hope this is only the start of some joint projects that we can share with you all. What are your favourite makeup tips for Spring?

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  1. Ooh that lip colour is so beautiful! Such a lovely look <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. This look is beautiful! I love your hair short, you look so cute! xx

  3. How fun! What a great look :)

    My favourite make up looks for Spring are colourful eyeshadows - purples, greens, golds, blues ... I love eye make up.

    x Jasmine

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