Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{home} restyled bar cart

 photo 38e80e6d-f48c-44a9-9dde-cbf797fbe449_zps0d88b81c.jpg

 photo b3e1120e-ceb3-4b7b-b5df-2ba49762fa3e_zps0c83dbaf.jpg

 photo e1fc0b6a-e286-461d-a64f-18b8be71f053_zpsd5d5f0ee.jpg

 photo cdf079a4-6a71-451a-b37c-add8ec2b3060_zpsae63eb04.jpg

 photo a206a005-6fd0-4a9b-bb98-c2a29d13d073_zpsf73c9166.jpg

When I first I saw bar carts appearing on blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Cupcakes and Cashmere, I decided that I definitely wanted one when we moved into our own place. I kept an eye out in opshops for probably 18 months, but failed to find anything, or at least anything in my budget. I eventually  found this one for $40 when we were actually meant to be looking for a tv unit, isn't it always the way? On a side note we still don't have a tv unit, that will probably take another 18 months.

I deliberately didn't call this a DIY because I honestly stripped back the paint roughly and threw on three layers of white paint and reattached the wheel that had come off. Really simple and just shows how easy it can be to reinvent an old piece of furniture on the cheap. I am not really good at this type of thing so if I can do it, you can too. I think it also shows that if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture it will eventually turn up - even if it is 18 months down the track - don't give up hope!

Even though we rarely drink spirits (can you tell by the very sad looking collection in the photos) I love the idea of having this around for dinner parties or for those random occasions where some sort of cocktail is called for - until then though its a great decoration.

Do you have any home projects on the go at the moment?


  1. Love your cart! Such a great find and restyle. Finding the perfect cart is on my list and so far I've found a cute metal one (which I use to store magazines on at the moment) but I'm still looking for "the one".


  2. amazing what a difference a few coats of paint can make! we're still picking up furniture for our apartment over a year after moving to this city, bedroom furniture is arriving this weekend and then we can work on the guest bedroom... sigh. slow but steady!

  3. We're currently painting our bookshelves, which may or may not have been a big mistake. I think I need a bar cart! At the moment all our alcohol lives on top go the fridge, not ideal.

  4. Dude. This is so IKEA looking now and would have cost heaps less yeah? :D Love it. I would chuck it under DIY but that's probably just a reflection of how much I do(nt) do in terms of that stuff. Who has the time?

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