About life

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I believe in making the most of the simple things in life. Sometimes concentrating on the big things can weigh us down but its the little things we can control and in the end its all those little things that make up the big picture. 

For me I enjoy things like getting dressed in the mornings, eating good food, keeping good company, being with my family, decorating our home, visiting new places and most of all my morning coffee and evening wine.

For me this blog is a place to document all the things I love and snippets of life, love and other adventures. So what an you expect to read on this blog, well lots of things but regular features include: 

+ Home decor and garden
+ Outfit posts
+ Style how to
+ Shopping
+ Travel
+ Blogging
+ Being money smart

I love hearing from people so if you want to get in touch please shoot me an email timeaftertea (@) gmail (.) com

Check back for a FAQ section soon.


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