About style

For me what we wear and how we wear it is one of the most important external projections we give the world of who we are and what we are about. My love of clothing has developed as a way of expressing my mood, what I am doing or what I want to say about who I am. Clothing gives clues to others about who we are or can influence how people think about us, a lot more then what we probably realise.  A little splash of red can show an adventurous, sexy side while a pair of boyfriend jeans projects a casual, laid back attitude or a black suit can convey power or influence.

Clothing can be so much fun and let’s face it, we have to get dressed every day so I think we should have fun and try new things. Sometimes I look back and go why did I wear that but that’s the thing you can change what you wear every day. If something doesn't work it doesn't matter you wear it for a day and the next day you start with a fresh new palette.

My love of clothing is all about style not fashion trends – I love seeing people wearing pieces that they love and that look good on them rather than wearing what society is telling us is cool at the time. I still have a crazy obsession with pieces of clothing  I think that’s where my love of vintage clothing stems from as you are getting to wear unique pieces that hardly anyone else is going to have.

I hope that you enjoy some of the outfits I share in this little space.


  1. I love clothes too...am inspired by tons of things and just as you said, I dress according to my mood/feeling for the day. I find everything beautiful, so I love pairing up awesome items to create an expression...it's art! It's fun! I'm a big day dreamer and change my style everyday (sometimes more than once a day :) ) Thanks for sharing! I'm glad fashion inspires others, the same as me! Peace and love :)

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