Offering sponsorship is relatively new on Time After Tea but I am excited to work with bloggers and store owners to promote their business. 

My stats as of 14/9/12:
Page views per day: approx 300 (with a recent high of 580)
Page views per month: approx 6000
Posts per week: 4 on average 
495 followers on GFC
529 followers on Google reader
33 followers on bloglovin
400 followers on instagram
213 followers on twitter

Four main audience sources: Australia, Russia, UK and the USA

All my ad sizes are 200 x 150 and are $15 per month for bloggers and small business owners. If you are a large company please email me for sponsorship information.

I am happy to have a chat about sponsorship options, maybe something below would suit you better: 

+ Product integration - if you would like to send me an item to wear/ review I am more than happy to have a chat about this. 


+ Sponsored give away - I love my readers benefiting from sponsorships on this blog so encourage you to consider sponsoring a giveaway on Time After Tea if you are a small business owner or company. 

So do you like what you see? Please email me on timeaftertea (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss sponsorship options. I am committed to making your sponsorship work for you so lets have a chat about goals and expectations!

Please note: I reserve the right to choose who sponsors my blog and will only choose blogs and businesses that reflect my blogs themes and values.

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